Kids 4 the Cure remodeling the future

While at Lurie Children’s Hospital, a brochure with information about Special Spaces offering dream bedroom makeovers for kids with cancer caught the attention of Alice Salvi, mother of junior John Salvi who was diagnosed with cancer. With her son in mind, she decided to submit an application on his behalf. In July 2021, she received an email saying that her family was accepted.

“This is a huge gift for my family,” Alice Salvi said.

Special Spaces is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in remodeling bedrooms for children with cancer. Since 2019, the organization has partnered with Kids 4 the Cure, a philanthropic club at Glenbrook North that spreads cancer awareness within the community. Every year, club members fundraise for the collaboration before going to remodel the child’s bedroom.

Senior Klaudia Wilczek is the Special Spaces student organizer for Kids 4 the Cure.

The club took on a more ambitious approach this year as members helped to remodel four bedrooms instead of one. One for John Salvi and three others for his three siblings, Wilczek said.

According to Alice Salvi, her children were looking forward to the project, which took place on Feb. 12.

A lot of aspects of what the Kids 4 the Cure members did in the room were a surprise, Salvi said.

Megan Meek, a decorator from Special Spaces, said in a video conference that the process begins when she interviews the family to get an idea of how to design the rooms for each child. She then designs the room layout, purchases necessary materials and coordinates with the club sponsor and members to plan the project.

Christina Bauer, Kids 4 the Cure sponsor, said in a video conference that the money Kids 4 the Cure members earn from fundraising is the main financial contributor to the project.

Volunteers are tasked with painting, assembling furniture, adjusting bed sheets and arranging decor on the day of the project, Bauer said.

According to Alice Salvi, she is grateful this project has provided something for her family, especially her children.

“This recognizes that these siblings need something special,” said Alice Salvi. “They need something positive in their [lives].”