Fraternal Look-alikes

January 30, 2015

Mealtime Migration: Places to Munch for Open Lunch

Rachel Lee, Taylor Shuman and Amber Olson, Executive Features Editor and Features Editors

December 12, 2014


Athlete bears the tear

Victoria Tu, Features Editor

November 10, 2014

Senior Megan Hardy said she was running down the field at the PepsiCo Showdown soccer tournament in April when she suddenly heard a pop in her leg. “It all happened really fast,” said Hardy. “I tried to do a 180-degree...

Pitcher thrown off course

Alec Mawrence, Executive Opinions Editor

November 7, 2014

When Tommy John, former Major League Baseball pitcher, coached his son’s baseball team at Furman University 15 years ago, he did not know what caused players to require Tommy John surgery, but he knew overthrowing was not a good thing. So, he devised a way to get his pitchers to pitch less. ...

Conflict With Curfew

Rachel Lee, Executive Features Editor

October 3, 2014

Statement: A teenager under the age of 18 driving home from a school or religious event after curfew will not receive a ticket As junior Brian Kim was driving home from a youth event at church on an August night, what he thought...

Passengers Avoid Pay

Victoria Tu, Features Editor

October 3, 2014

Statement: Passengers in a car being driven by an underage driver will be ticketed As she headed home on a Sunday night, junior Melanie Holpert was one of multiple passengers in a car when red and blue lights started flashin...

Legal Without Liquor

Taylor Shuman, Features Editor

October 3, 2014

Statement: Teenagers who do not drink at a party will get a ticket along with the teens who have been drinking Senior Johnny Bear attempted to sneak out of the back of a house, only to find a flashlight shining brightly in his...

GBN Goes Global: Foreign Universities

Maddy Placik, Executive Features Editor

May 22, 2014

While many graduating seniors plan to pack up their cars and drive to college in the fall, a few will be pulling out their passports and hopping on a flight overseas to attend their colleges of choice. Seniors Daniel Congbalay and Zac Kurtz are two students who plan to take this trip overseas. Congb...

GBN Goes Global: Gap Years

Lauren Sulkowski, Features Editor

May 22, 2014

As seniors scramble to find their roommates and gather belongings for  their dorms, senior Rebecca Imhoff is packing her bags to go to Hawaii. Next year, she plans to go to Hawaii and work on an organic farm. Imhoff’s work on the farm will be in exchange for free food and housing. According to college co...

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