• The health effects of sugar, not so sweet

    The health effects of sugar, not so sweet

    Lucia Bosacoma and Maggie Li, Executive Features Editor and Features Editor

    October 2, 2017

    Her patients are addicted to a substance that is molecularly similar to cocaine, and they sometimes experience painful headaches as a result of their withdrawals. The culprit: sugar. “I work with adults … who have to break [their] sugar addiction,” said healthcare professional Jessica Hicks in a ... READ MORE »»

    Photo by Lucia Bosacoma and Sydney Stumme-Berg

  • Low numbers force sophomore football cancellation

    Low numbers force sophomore football cancellation

    Evan Goldberg, Sports Editor

    October 2, 2017

    When sophomore Andrew Koulogeorge first entered Glenbrook North as a freshman, he never imagined that by his sophomore year he would be on the varsity football team. That all changed this summer when he found out there would be no sophomore football team, resulting in him moving directly to varsity.... READ MORE »»

    Sophomore Alex Borczyk, number 50, rushes the passer against Maine West in Glenbrook North’s 42-17 loss on Sept. 22. Borczyk is one of 14 sophomores playing football this year, a number too small to field a sophomore team. Photo by Richard Chu

  • Comedy Troupe barred from all-school assemblies

    Comedy Troupe barred from all-school assemblies

    Sahil Modi, Executive News Editor

    October 2, 2017

    Following a controversial performance on April 21, 2017, Comedy Troupe sponsor Lindsey Berman was shocked to hear the news just a month later that the group would not be permitted to perform during an all-school assembly until further notice. “It’s horrible,” said Berman. “I think Comedy T... READ MORE »»

    The 2016-2017 Comedy Troupe members perform a controversial act about the gender-neutral bathroom. This performance offended some, causing meetings about whether Comedy Troupe should perform at assemblies. Photo by Richard Chu


New club fosters civil political discussion

Ben Jutzi, News Editor

All it took was a nudge from a friend for junior Joshua Yang to get started on what would become Open Forum, a new club that hopes to facilitate peaceful political dialogue for students. T...  Read More »

October 2, 2017

Science Resource Center provides tutors for students

Lindsey Masterman, Executive Editor-at-Large

After all of its computers were deemed obsolete and removed, the Science Department met to decide what to do with the empty computer lab room. The department opted to make a Science Resourc...  Read More »

October 2, 2017

Student team assists with technology issues

Sara Williams, News Editor

After coming into the IDEA for help with her computer last year, junior Jessica Carr was offered an opportunity to put her interest in technology to work. That opportunity c...  Read More »

October 2, 2017

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Choir department welcomes new director

Suzanna Creasey, Lifestyle Editor

Below their feet, the floor of the bus grew warm. The acrid smell of burnt rubber turned to the smell of smoke. “We look out and we can see sparks shooting out of the side,” Kaitlin Wallace, a senior at Wheaton-Warrenville South, said. At her previous position at Wheaton-Warrenville South High School, Kelsey Nichols, who now is the Glenbrook North choir director...  Read More »

Oct 2

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month barks for attention

By Chloe Carroll, Graphics Staff

With the recent partnership between Glenbrook North PAWS and Heartland Animal Shelter, Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is an opportunity for both organizations to raise awareness and encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. Senior Ryan Silver, president of PAWS, said October is an especially good time for the community to come together and provide permanent homes for shelter...  Read More »

Oct 2

Students, staff rally to support awareness for breast cancer

Leah Matlin, Features Editor

When chemistry teacher Kelly Reimer went in for her annual checkup on Feb. 20, 2017, her doctor found lumps in her breasts. According to Reimer, even though doctors did not initially think the lumps looked cancerous, they still sent her to get an ultrasound. “One thing that stood out from that appointment was that the radiologist just kept repeating, ‘It’s odd,...  Read More »

Oct 2

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Drum Corps puts spin on coaching

Olga Archakov, Editor-at-Large

Getting to perform in front of a crowd of 50,000 people and taking fifth place in what is said to be the biggest competition of marching arts are experiences Color Guard Coach Michael Ts...  Read More »

October 2, 2017

Fall play offers new dynamic

October 2, 2017

This year’s fall play, “The Good Doctor,” is scheduled to be held in the CPA on Oct. 19 and 21 at 7 p...  Read More »

Google promotes screening device

October 2, 2017

It has been likened to drowning, and although it is largely treatable, only a small percentage of people with it ever seek help. Google is attempting to r...  Read More »

New app brings hope of increased school pride

October 2, 2017

Before her swim meet, junior Ashlyn Remien walked into school wearing a bedsheet and sandals. The ...  Read More »

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When you sit down you are taking a stand

Nina Fridman, Staff Writer

Each morning, half-awake children across the country rise simultaneously with their peers and recite a zombie-toned promise to a flag pinned to the highest corner of each ...  Read More »

October 2, 2017

Crashing into realization

October 2, 2017

I was hit by a car. The driver foolishly steered into a busy road, ignoring blaring horns direc...  Read More »

Three things to learn from my dog

October 2, 2017

1. Forgiveness. After leaving my dog home alone all day, I walk through the door and the giant fur...  Read More »

You’re going to be alone

October 2, 2017

Actually, I’m the one who’s alone now. After sending my two older siblings off to college, I...  Read More »

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