• Local gymnasts compete in Rio

    Local gymnasts compete in Rio

    Hailey Koretz, Brandon Mankoff, Executive Sports Editor, Sports Editor

    September 30, 2016

    Senior Kiana Eide was in her hotel room in Stuttgart, Germany, getting ready for dinner when teammate Natalie McGiffert received a text from her dad asking if she and her teammates knew they qualified straight from the 2016 World Championships to the Olympics in Rio. Eide said the girls did not believ... READ MORE »»

    Senior Kiana Eide waves in recognition at the Homecoming Assembly on Sep. 23. Eide competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics after years of training as a rhythmic gymnast. Photo by Chloe Carroll


Coalition application offers students new opportunities

Olga Archakov, Gillian Redstone, Lifestyle Editor, Staff Writer

The bright smile on senior Loni Feffer’s face disappeared, and she adopted a gloomy tone as she talked about the college application process. “[The college process]...  Read More »

September 30, 2016

Claims of local drug abuse ignite demands for immediate change

Zoe Engels, Executive News Editor

Tears roll silently down her cheeks as PJ Newberg, the founder and director of Northshore Secret Heroin Problem, recalls the struggles she has faced since her daughter became...  Read More »

September 30, 2016

Students rescue peer during beach accident

Sydney Stumme-Berg, Catherine Zhang, News Editors

As he discusses the rescue of Glenbrook North senior Tural Erel from the water at Gillson Beach, Glenbrook South senior Paul Choi shifts his eyes down to his fiddling hands during a mom...  Read More »

September 30, 2016

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Junior drum majors lead band

Katie Fitzpatrick, Features Editor

Juniors Emma Brooks and Alli Torf can go from laughing on the sidelines to focused on leading a group of people in a performance on the field in a matter of minutes. In May, two juniors were selected to be drum majors of the marching band in the 2016-2017 school year, which is unusual because usually there is one senior drum major. Torf said she has known since m...  Read More »

Sep 30

Senior writes her future in business

Jessica Lee, Features Editor

After senior Elana Greenberg’s endoscopy, she declined the hospital nurse’s offer to write her a note to excuse her from prior obligations. She also refused to “take it easy,” like the nurse suggested. Instead, Greenberg told the nurse she had to get back to her daily activities because she had to help get press releases out. During her sophomore year, Green...  Read More »

Jun 1

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Snack swap: tasty alternatives to unhealthy foods

...  Read More »

September 30, 2016

White walls to dirt floors: stories from world’s most impoverished

September 30, 2016

Stepping into the one-room, dirt-floor shack that “Mama Theresa” took great pride in, I was...  Read More »

Fifteen minutes to fitness

June 1, 2016

...  Read More »

Alumnus stars in TV premiere

June 1, 2016

As he began to prepare an act for the 2013 Variety Show, alumnus Ryan Goldsher (‘15) decided to learn impressions for the first time. “The [2013 Variety Sh...  Read More »

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To be normal or to be gay

Ellie Jordan, Managing Editor

My older sister told me she was gay when I was in seventh grade. I was younger and less educated and therefore disappointed. To me, my sister’s homosexuality meant we wo...  Read More »

September 30, 2016

Loud silence

September 30, 2016

Over this past summer I spent six weeks living in a rural, Nicaraguan community, speaking only Spanish...  Read More »

New drug policy may harm more than help

September 30, 2016

Every year, roughly 20,000 people die at the hands of illegal drug use. Despite cautionary tales and...  Read More »

Dealing with ‘I’m sorry’ syndrome

September 30, 2016

A bookshelf, a shopping cart and a wall all have one thing in common: I’ve bumped into and said, “I'm sorry!” to each one. ...  Read More »

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