• Crowd behavior can cross the line

    Crowd behavior can cross the line

    Allan Dontsis , Executive Sports Editor

    November 6, 2015

    A few minutes before he was lifted into the back of an ambulance, before the red and blue flashing lights lit up the stadium, before shock swept across the faces of fans, senior Tim Schwall saw the sign. “Since Highland Park took the sign somehow last year ... most people wanted it back,” said ... READ MORE »»

    Emergency officials lift senior Tim Schwall into an ambulance before the Glenbrook North vs. Highland Park football game on Oct. 2. Schwall sustained a concussion after being chased by a Highland Park student. Photo by Emily Chwa

  • Donation downfall sparks change

    Donation downfall sparks change

    Emily Chwa, News Editor

    November 6, 2015

    Wooden crates stacked as high as the ceiling stretched across the entire length of the SA Hall. Each crate stuffed full with cans and boxes, students faced the task of figuring out where to pack the new donations that continued to rush in from the Food Drive. According to Michael Tarjan, assistant ... READ MORE »»

    Ray Dempsey, a volunteer at the Northfield Township Food Pantry, stocks shelves. During last year’s food drive, Glenbrook North did not bring in as many donations as SA Board had hoped. Photo by Meghan Cruz

  • Overbearing parents stifle students

    Overbearing parents stifle students

    Zoe Engels and Debbie Noh, News Editor and Opinions Editor

    November 6, 2015

    The sounds of laughter bellowing from the audience filled the CPA during a presentation as author Julie Lythcott-Haims explained an “aha” moment in her life. While smiling, Lythcott-Haims said one evening at dinner, when her son was 10, she realized she was cutting his meat even though he was old ... READ MORE »»

    Author Julie Lythcott-Haims speaks to parents on Oct. 14 in the CPA about the detrimental effects of being overbearing with their children. Lythcott-Haims emphasized that parents must be aware of their overbearing behavior and strive to make their children self-sufficient. Photo by Meghan Cruz


No-Shave November is growing on GBN

Jenna Magill, News Editor

Arriving to his godson’s baptism in a suit and a two-inch beard, social studies teacher James Hoover smiled through his facial hair as he posed for a family photo shoot. Hoover was one of se...  Read More »

November 6, 2015

5 things you should know

Kelly Johnson, Page Editor

...  Read More »

November 6, 2015

Blood Drive draws near

Liza McMahon, Page Editor

The Blood Drive at Glenbrook North is scheduled to take place on Nov. 19 in the CPA lobby from 7:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Jennifer Laudadio, sponsor of Interact, a service club at GBN that runs ...  Read More »

November 6, 2015

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Sexual assault education: beyond the walls of GBN

Kobi Weinberg and Amber Olson, Managing Editor and Executive Features Editor

Toby Klein said she was raped when she was 15. Klein, who graduated last spring from Glenbrook North and is now a freshman at Indiana University, said that after recovering, she felt an obligation to speak out about sexual assault. “After going through therapy and getting myself back on my feet, I realized how much still needs to be done,” said Klein. “I cou...  Read More »

Nov 6

Leveling up to professional gaming

Joe Ferber, Sports Editor

Twenty-seven million people tuned in to watch the final of the 2014 season last October, an event that sold out the arena in which it was held, according to ESPN Magazine. However, this was not the World Series of baseball, which attracted 13.8 million viewers. This was the League of Legends Championship. Professional video gaming, or “eSports,” has drastically...  Read More »

Nov 6

Teachers overcome assumptions about siblings

Gillian Redstone, Staff Writer

English teacher Amanda Scholz said when she calls a student by his or her sibling’s name, she feels like she has failed as a teacher. “It seems like a very basic right a student should have in a classroom, that people should be able to get their name correct,” Scholz said.   Math teacher Steve Goodman said he also deals with name confusion among siblings. ...  Read More »

Nov 6

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CHVRCHES improves in new album

Victoria Tu, Executive Lifestyle Editor

Two years following the release of its successful album, “The Bones of What You Believe,” CHVRCHES returned with another outstanding album. Released on Sept. 25, “Every ...  Read More »

November 6, 2015

Student gets SAD during winter

November 6, 2015

As fall and winter approach, senior Shannon Buttimer often finds herself having trouble concentrating on tasks and getting tired easily. A year ago, she wa...  Read More »

Applying to schools in the arts

November 6, 2015

Allyson Bondy, music Playing the double bass has given senior Allyson Bondy the opportunity to meet ...  Read More »

Cymbal connects music lovers

October 2, 2015

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An elementary guide to physical education

Alec Mawrence, Editor-in-Chief

In physical education (sorry physical education teachers, but I’m going to call it “gym”), there is a universally acknowledged bell curve of effort versus accep...  Read More »

November 6, 2015

Sexual assault prevention falls on students

November 6, 2015

Sexual assault education is the most important topic taught at Glenbrook North, and students need to tr...  Read More »

Sometimes I don’t want to be a snowflake

November 6, 2015

It was 9 p.m. on a Wednesday night, and instead of taking notes on the judicial branch, drawing a comparative bar graph or dea...  Read More »

Technology: the new iBinky

November 6, 2015

Vacant eyes, glazed over with the reflection of the dancing iPad screen, stare unblinking at the constant stream of stim...  Read More »

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