• GBN: then and now

    GBN: then and now

    Zoe Bendoff, Grace Chatas, Sonia Zaacks, Staff Writer and Features Editors

    November 3, 2017

    While reflecting on her senior year at Glenbrook North, alumna Lorna Cohen (‘89) remembers gathering at her friends’ lockers to socialize each morning and decorating the lockers for friends’ birthdays. Almost three decades later, she was surprised to hear that her daughter, freshman Melanie Co... READ MORE »»

    Melanie Cohen’s (‘21) high school concerns

  • GPAs trend upward though SAT scores fall

    GPAs trend upward though SAT scores fall

    Sahil Modi, Executive News Editor

    November 3, 2017

    It is no secret that some students want to receive the highest grades possible to have a fighting chance at getting into their dream college. A new study conducted by Michael Hurwitz, senior director of the College Board, and Jason Lee, doctoral student at the University of Georgia’s Institute of ... READ MORE »»

  • IHSA considering addition of esports

    IHSA considering addition of esports

    Robbie Fraser, Executive Sports Editor

    November 3, 2017

    Senior Dane Spengel has a talent. A talent that has taken him to tournaments in Anaheim and Las Vegas. A talent that has pitted him against some of the best competition in the world. A talent that has led him to win thousands of dollars. The talent? Video gaming. Spengel said he was a professional C... READ MORE »»

    The Robert Morris University “League of Legends” varsity reserve team competes in intersquad matches in the university’s esports arena on Oct. 24. In 2014, the university was the first to begin offering esports scholarships. Photo By Robbie Fraser


Bus seat belts required under bill

Sara Williams, News Editor

He was only a child when the school bus he was riding flipped over. The driver was knocked unconscious, and kids were not able to free themselves from the seat belts that strapped them to th...  Read More »

November 3, 2017

Students, staff fundraise to battle effects of hurricanes

By Sarah Sandlow and Sam Morgan, News Editor and Staff Writer

When senior Larissa Bersh, a former Glenbrook North student who moved to Marco Island, Fla. after her freshman year at GBN, evacuated her home to escape Hurricane Irma, she and her family did not anti...  Read More »

November 3, 2017

Students swap choir for academics

Katie Fitzpatrick and YuLian Leshuk, Executive Lifestyle Editor and Staff Writer

After singing in multiple choir groups for three years, senior Sarah Burnham, former choir president, left the choir room for the last time. In the back of her mind, she knew she would not be returning the following...  Read More »

November 3, 2017

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Future graduate plans for career in Marines

On June 11, 2017,  senior Eun Tak Jang plans to leave for the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, Calif. bringing nothing but an ID and a plane ticket. Jang said he enlisted in the Delayed Entry Program, also known as DEP, a program in which those who join the United States Armed Forces ship out to Basic Training before they become members of the Army. Thr...  Read More »

Nov 3

Senior raises disability awareness

Micha Gachpar, Editor-at-Large

Meeting Barack Obama and helping to declare a state holiday were opportunities senior Erin Mallicoat had never thought of having when she began to outwardly advocate for people with disabilities. However, she is now able to attest to these accomplishments. Growing up with a  combination of Down syndrome, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and Turner syndrome ha...  Read More »

Nov 3

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Jammin’ at GBN

Jessica Katz, Opinions Editor

...  Read More »

November 3, 2017

Untitled (You couldn’t do it)

November 3, 2017

In a state of boredom, I hopped into a rabbit hole on the internet. Search after search, I came across an image of two store-bought clocks. A link underneath it sent me to ...  Read More »

New restaurant pops up in Northbrook Court

November 3, 2017

The day begins, and Denita Tittle, owner and head baker of Ms. Tittle’s Cupcakes, wheels in case...  Read More »

Social media clicks for school clubs

November 3, 2017

Instagram is flooded. The app is swamped by usernames starting with the same three letters, “GBN...  Read More »

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Breaking up with friends

Nina Fridman, Staff Writer

So, I know this guy. And like a lot of guys, he says things that irk me. He gets under my skin. When I hear him speak or get a notification from him on my phone, it kind of sounds like a glorified toi...  Read More »

November 3, 2017

Times change, as do expectations

November 3, 2017

It’s easy to be involved in extracurricular activities. It’s easy to keep decent grades. It’...  Read More »

Hit the brakes on the constant coffee breaks

November 3, 2017

Caffeine addicts tell you “one-cup mornings don’t exist,” and that “decaf is pointless.” I k...  Read More »

Let’s consider our inconsideration

November 3, 2017

The woman at Costco who hovers over the sample maker until the tray is ready, and then swoops in t...  Read More »

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