• Dominant hockey team aims for state title

    Dominant hockey team aims for state title

    Hailey Koretz, Executive Sports Editor

    February 3, 2017

    After defeating last year’s state champion, Loyola, the Glenbrook Girls High School Hockey team knew winning state was a real possibility. The team beat Loyola 4-2 on Nov. 27, giving the team its 10th straight victory to start the season, continuing an undefeated record that would last through 12 ... READ MORE »»

    Junior Koby Wilcox receives a pass during a 3-on-3 scrimmage during practice on Dec. 19. Wilcox plays defense and has scored three goals, as of Jan. 31, helping the team to a 12-1-1 record. Photo by Sydney Stumme-Berg

  • PowerSchool drives academic stress, prompts obsessive habits

    PowerSchool drives academic stress, prompts obsessive habits

    Zoe Engels and Catherine Zhang

    February 3, 2017

    He was addicted to checking his grades. He was a grade-aholic. Logging into PowerSchool had become second nature for senior Mark Wu, who said he and his parents had logged onto his PowerSchool over 1,500 times by the end of his freshman year. “I would check [my grades] three to four times a day, and my parents ... READ MORE »»

  • Recognizing relationship abuse

    Recognizing relationship abuse

    Ben Zhao & Katie Fitzpatrick, Executive Features Editor & Features Editor

    February 3, 2017

    Struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, painfully insecure about his image and lacking a strong role model, Wyatt Evans, intimate partner violence and abuse specialist, fell head over heels for an abuser. “[My abuser] isolated me from family and friends, the verbal abuse began, [and he] threatened ... READ MORE »»

    Compiled and Photos by Chloe Carroll


Glass-bottled beverages banned from District 225 cafeterias

Lindsey Masterman, Executive Lifestyle Editor

Following a loud noise, two boys ran out of the Glenbrook South cafeteria and disappeared from GBS junior Rachel Schwartz’s view. She followed the boys down the hall and saw one o...  Read More »

February 3, 2017

Opportunity to achieve Seal of Biliteracy available to students

Sydney Stumme-Berg, News Editor

Juniors and seniors will have the ability to achieve the Seal of Biliteracy, an award given to those who display a high proficiency in English and another language, at Glenbrook North on Feb. 15...  Read More »

February 3, 2017

JUULs seem to hit new popularity level among teens

Sahil Modi, News Editor

  “Take a hit, and you’ll see,” senior Sean Lee said as he explained why he believes JUULs, a brand-name e-cigarette, have recently gained prominence among students at Gl...  Read More »

February 3, 2017

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‘Sounds of Silence’ strives to be seen

Maggie Li, Features Editor

For most people, listening to music is a purely auditory task, but sophomore Erin Rosenfeld seeks to expand the experience of music into something visual as well. “Being hearing-impaired has taught me that you don’t need to speak in order to communicate with people” said Rosenfeld. “... Sometimes it isn’t about the things you hear, it’s about what yo...  Read More »

Feb 3

Handing off the spotlight

Kelly Johnson and Jenna Lasky, Page Editor, Staff Writer

Before he started working at Glenbrook North last August, director of choirs Eric Skalinder toured the country, fulfilling the rock and roll lifestyle of constant performances, long nights spent writing songs, rehearsing with the group and meeting a variety of different people. “Being on the road and touring the United States is not quite the glamorous life of ro...  Read More »

Feb 3

Three free academic resources you might not know about

Lucia Bosacoma, Opinions Editor

Feb 3

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Sawada Coffee a latte better on social media

Liza McMahon, Staff Writer

With its heavy presence on social media feeds, Sawada Coffee, located in the West Loop of Chicago, has become a magnet for suburban teenagers looking to make their Instagrams “artsy.” The p...  Read More »

February 3, 2017

Lodent finds lost identity in album

February 3, 2017

With only the light from a lamp on his nightstand, senior Jake Haage sits working in his room. The...  Read More »

Poklop transforms passion for pottery into profit

December 9, 2016

In sixth grade art class, junior Natalie Poklop watched as the teacher transformed a ball of clay ...  Read More »

Alumnus describes inspirations for songs in new EP ‘Ribbons’

November 4, 2016

...  Read More »

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A basic guide to high school jobs

Ellie Jordan, Managing Editor

If you are one of the responsible high school students who has chosen to undertake a part-time job, I commend you. However, taking a part-time job in high school tends to present stu...  Read More »

February 3, 2017

The battle against PowerSchool

February 3, 2017

Grades are everything. This notion has been perpetuated with each passing year of high school. ...  Read More »

Editorial Cartoon

February 3, 2017

...  Read More »

Why I’m not a good Jew

February 3, 2017

I’m not a particularly good Jew. I eat shrimp and oysters, the only thing that draws me to the syn...  Read More »

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