Behind the scenes of ‘Shrek’

Onions have layers, so does ‘Shrek’


Rehearsing for “Shrek,” senior Kyle MacDonald (right) and Glenbrook South senior Alicia Penepacker practice blocking. The musical is scheduled to open April 28. Photo by Claire Satkiewicz.

With two hulking green ogres, a talking donkey, an evil king, a 20-foot dragon and a slew of other magical creatures, senior Sam Saffar is excited to star as the lead in this year’s Glenbrook Musical, “Shrek.”

“This is the 53rdGlenbrook Musical,and this [musical] is one of thecoolest traditionswe have becausenot only is it ahuge production and it’s an incredible musical that we put on every year, but we also get to do it with [Glenbrook South], who we’re always competing with, so it’s really cool to do things together,” Saffar said.

“Shrek” is a joint production with GBS and includes students from both schools. Many of the roles are double casted with one student from each school.

“Shrek” is a show people will be excited to see, Tim Broeker, Glenbrook North theater director, said.

“[People] know ‘Shrek,’” said Broeker. “They know the story of ‘Shrek,’ It’s something that everyone loves because it’s a parody. It’s a feel-good show people can empathize with and relate to a lot.”

According to Saffar, he has enjoyed spending time and bonding with other cast members during choreography and vocal rehearsals.

“We got to just scream our lines during the song, and everyone was singing, and [my counterpart] and I got to say our lines in between, and it was really fun,” Saffar said.

According to Broeker, he is excited for the individual pieces of the musical to fall into place after eight weeks of rehearsals.

“Throwingin the costumes, throwing in the set, and the lighting and the sound and bringing in the orchestra, I’m excited for that moment because it all comestogether,”Broeker said. 

Rehearsals began Feb. 28. The  musical has a new student-producer position this year. 

The job of the student producer includes posting on the GlenbrookMusical Instagram account,signing students into rehearsals and managing when and where students rehearse, junior Devin Greis, one of thestudent producers, said.

“I think we have a ton of potential to do amazing,” said Greis. “[The musical] endsup being a really fun process that I feel lucky to participate in.”

Showtimes for themusicalare scheduledfor 7 p.m.on April 28 to April 30 and 1 p.m. on April 30 in the CPA.Tickets can be purchased on ShowTix4U.

“[Rehearsal is] what I go to school for,” said Saffar. “I go to school so I can go to rehearsal andhang out with my friends for two hours.”