Dear teachers, from seniors

Lucy Cho, Features Editor

June 1, 2020

Although May was Teacher Appreciation Month, this year’s seniors will not be able to show their appreciation for their teachers in person before they graduate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, here are some sentiments from the Class of 2020 about some of the teachers who impacted them during t...

Students make impact as essential workers

Alexandra Chertok, Executive Opinions Editor

June 1, 2020

As a waiter at Covenant Living of Northbrook, a retirement community, senior Andrew Fan felt pretty safe going to work delivering food to residents in the residential living area. That changed when he received an email April 28 stating that a nurse, who wo...

Weber reflects on teaching career

Matthew Chupack, Maya Fridman, Executive Editor-at-Large, Features Editor

June 1, 2020

Early in his career, physical education teacher David Weber was surrounded by his students laughing when he fell while trying to demonstrate his tennis skills. Looking back, this was one of the funniest moments of his teaching career. Weber said in a video conf...

Albert reminisces on 18 years of teaching

Matthew Chupack, Maya Fridman, Executive Editor-at-Large, Features Editor

June 1, 2020

When English teacher Susan Albert was studying the novel “Beloved” with her class, some students found the text very difficult and complained. However, one student went out of her way to tell Albert that she finally began to understand and enjoy the book, and th...

Glenbrook North names new associate principal for administrative services

Peter Bazianos, Sports Editor

May 14, 2020

Glenbrook High School District #225 announced the hiring of Lauren Bonner, current assistant principal for student services at Loyola Academy, as Glenbrook North’s new associate principal for administrative services on Apri...

Online debate camp raises student concerns

Judy Feng, Features Editor

May 8, 2020

Since early fall last year, freshman Luke Nelson had set his mind on attending the Michigan Classic, one of the University of Michigan Debate Camps. His summer plans were halted when Aaron Kall, director of the University of M...

Coronavirus pandemic changes way people observe holidays

Samrah Abbasi, Editor-at-Large

May 6, 2020

FaceTiming her grandmother in Turkey, hosting Ramdan dinners with her family and attending a luncheon at the mosque on Eid encompassed what senior Zeynep Erel did to observe Ramadan and Eid in past years. This year, the way she o...

Senior hangs out with sloths at the zoo

Brooke Falk, News Editor

April 20, 2020

During her time at Busch Gardens Summer Resident Camp in Tampa Bay, Fla., senior Blake Silverman not only got to witness the birth of a baby sloth named Leia, but she was also able to help clean her off after she was born. Sil...

Caught up in comparisons

Maddie Harris, Nora Callahan, Executive Lifestyle Editor, Lifestyle Editor

February 14, 2020

Comparing her life to others’ as she scrolled through her Instagram feed was a common occurrence for sophomore Caroline Sullivan. Feeling frustrated, she decided to break away from her typical posting habits by opening up about...

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