New app brings hope of increased school pride

Ellie Prober, Lifestyle Editor

October 2, 2017

Before her swim meet, junior Ashlyn Remien walked into school wearing a bedsheet and sandals. The toga, tied at her waist, matched that of every team member. The girls swim team’s spirit can be seen throughout the halls o...

Restaurant spoons out ramen for the soul

Danny Ogranovich, Page editor

October 2, 2017

It’s nothing short of a blessing that one of the Chicago suburbs’ better ramen restaurants opened right at our doorstep. Ronin’s Spoon, just five minutes from Glenbrook North, has hearty bowls of ramen as well as a friendly ...

Background noise boosts creativity

Danny Ogranovich, Page Editor

May 25, 2017

Fatigued and running out of time, junior Maddy Chemers was almost at her breaking point. After working for six hours straight, typing out each grueling word, she could not figure out what to write for the last part of her Eng...

Sleeping the way to improved focus

Lucia Bosacoma, Opinions Editor

May 25, 2017

After a long day of school and extracurriculars, junior Charles Kang begins to feel exhaustion sink in, but he still has work to do. He has a cup of coffee, does some push-ups, or holds his breath to accelerate his blood press...

Students, parents sell unique college clothing

Olga Archakov, Lifestyle Editor

April 21, 2017

Prior to founding Denimszn, senior Sophie Gertz’s custom college apparel business, Gertz had never ironed clothing before. Her mom had to teach her how to iron, so she could create her first jacket. According to Gertz, sh...

Quality of speaking crumbles with filler words

Ellie Prober, Staff Writer

April 21, 2017

As the day of the speech tournament began to approach, senior Julia Shelley practiced and rehearsed her speech as much as possible. Finally, the day arrived. She stood and faced her audience, but she encountered a problem. Sea...

Stressors test students’ mental strength

Suzanna Creasey and Isabel Vayser, Staff Writers

April 21, 2017

When senior Will Congbalay feels overwhelmed with the workload of his classes, including four AP courses, he takes out his ukulele and plays for five to 15 minutes to regain his focus. He taught himself ukulele in October as a...

Photographers develop personal styles

Danny Ogranovich, Staff Writer

March 3, 2017

After returning home from school, senior and photographer Fiona McLaughlan did not expect to see the mangled bodies of her dead ducks covered in blood, lying in piles of ripped feathers across her backyard. After esca...

Seniors showcase art skills

Samantha Lasky, Staff Writer

March 3, 2017

The Senior Art Show, displaying senior work from art classes of all levels, is scheduled to be held in the library from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 16. Head Sponsor Leanne Block said anyone is welcome to attend the art show....

Students resell shoes for high profit

Lindsey Masterman, Executive Lifestyle Editor

March 3, 2017

For most teenagers, holding a place in line outside of a shoe store for 12 hours to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of gym shoes might not be a go-to weekend activity. However, sophomore Lucas Pan waits to snag a few pair...

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