Student travels with Malawian president

Eli Traub, Staff Writer

Alongside his grandfather, Malawian President Peter Mutharika, junior Chris Knapp traveled to the United Nations General Assembly and Malawi. 

“Sometimes I take a minute to think about it, you know, that I’m related to someone like that,” Knapp said. 

During his winter break trip to Malawi his freshman year, Knapp saw the presidential palaces which have trial and discussion areas, living areas and outdoor spaces where zebras roam. He also witnessed the Malawian peoples’ affection for their president which they demonstrated by dancing near the presidential palaces on Christmas.

While traveling with his grandfather in a presidential car on the trip, Knapp said they stopped alongside a large crowd of people who were ecstatic to see them. 

According to Knapp, he had the opportunity to attend the U.N. General Assembly in New York lastSeptember to witness his grandfather’s speech. His grandfather spoke about topics including peace, protectingimmigrants and refugees, eradicating hungerand poverty, stabilizingMalawi’s economy and including the country in global affairs. 

Knapp was escorted to the General Assembly by police from a hotel nearby and his I.D. was required to enter the building. He sat with the delegates and spoke with some of them before his grandfather’s speech. 

“I was pretty surprised by the whole thing.

“I had little expectations,” said Knapp. “I had only heard of the U.N. and seen speeches.”