Compassion It raises funds, kindness

Allie Gross, Executive Opinions Editor

Senior Jacob Townsend’s wrist bears a Compassion It bracelet as well as a bracelet designed by Kyle’s friends to remember him. The Compassion It bracelet is supposed to be worn on the black side until one has completed a compassionate act. Photo by Varsha John.

Casey Tanner, GBN ’09 alumnus and co-founder of the Compassion It social movement, said the movement’s mission is inspiring people to perform acts of compassion in their daily lives, a mission Tanner thought would be appropriate to bring to Northbrook in light of the summer’s losses.

Tanner said Compassion It has raised over $3,000 from selling bracelets, apparel and other merchandise, which has been donated to the three grieving Northbrook families, as well as helped fund the movement’s national goal for a curriculum to teach youth about compassion.

“The products you buy inspire compassion, and the money from the products goes to something compassionate as well,” said Tanner. “I feel like Compassion It gave people hope when our community was just in such a bad place.”