Seniors showcase art skills

Samantha Lasky, Staff Writer

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The Senior Art Show, displaying senior work from art classes of all levels, is scheduled to be held in the library from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 16.

Head Sponsor Leanne Block said anyone is welcome to attend the art show.

“[The show] is an opportunity to get recognized for the ability to express yourself in a way that maybe others don’t have the time or courage to try,” Block said.

According to Block, each participant is required to write an artist’s statement that will be verbally presented along with his or her work. In these statements, students explain the process behind the creation of their pieces as well as the meanings.

“When you know the story behind a piece, you get a better sense of the individual’s ideas,” Block said.

Senior Grace Jan, who is Block’s studio art manager, said the senior art show is one of the best shows of the year because the seniors have such a strong individual voice.

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Seniors showcase art skills