Students, parents sell unique college clothing

Olga Archakov, Lifestyle Editor

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Seniors Mary Clare Crue (left) and Lexi Seiden (center) look at jackets during the DeniM Gals open house on March 6 with co-owner Debbie Simon. Customers pay $85 plus tax for a DeniM Gals jacket. Photo by Amy Glazer

Prior to founding Denimszn, senior Sophie Gertz’s custom college apparel business, Gertz had never ironed clothing before. Her mom had to teach her how to iron, so she could create her first jacket.

According to Gertz, she created her custom denim business approximately two months ago.

Gertz said she takes orders for custom clothing through direct messages on her Instagram, @denimszn. The customer pays $60 for both a jacket and patches or $30 if the buyer provides the jacket. Gertz also sells other items that can be requested through direct message on Instagram.

According to Gertz, after she receives an order, she buys patches for the specific college requested. Once she receives the patches in the mail, she lays them out and irons them onto the item ordered. With the assistance of her mom, she then creates a themed bag that relates to the customer’s college to deliver the items in.

Debbie Simon, co-founder of DeniM Gals, a custom college apparel business, said the company has been using its Instagram, @denimgals, as a way to advertise and promote its business. DeniM Gals jackets are sold for $85 plus tax.

According to Marcy Just, co-founder of DeniM Gals, the company also uses another source of advertising.

“A lot of [our advertising] is word of mouth, through our kids and their friends in college,” Just said.

Simon said the first jacket was made when her daughter wanted one but was unable to find one for Tulane University, the college she was going to attend.

“When she brought [the jacket] back to school, everybody loved it so much that we started talking about making them for other schools,” said Simon. “ . . . People took interest and wanted them, and it kind of just has taken off from there.”

Gertz said she has always liked tailgating clothes and the idea of custom apparel.

“I just thought [putting patches on a jacket] would be cute, and then I tried it on my own jacket because I’m going to Syracuse for college,” Gertz said.

When it comes to tailgating clothes, Simon said they are a part of the college experience.

“Tailgating clothing is spirited and decorated college clothing worn before and during college sporting events, especially football,” Simon said.

According to Gertz, she has only made jackets and skirts as of March 13 but hopes to expand to overalls, shorts and possibly hats in the future.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like that, like, start my own business,” Gertz said.

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Students, parents sell unique college clothing