Student podcasting starting in three, two …

Eugene Ko, Lifestyle Editor

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And on a silent “one,” junior Jared Rosenthal begins his sports podcast, “Real Talk Today.”

Along with fellow junior Ben Sztainberg, Rosenthal rattles off topics to cover, ranging from college football to the beginning of the NBA season. Rosenthal and his co-anchor seem comfortable against the green screen and in front of the cameras as they wave their hands around passionately, switching between conversing with each other and their prospective podcast listeners. 

Rosenthal became interested in starting his own podcast show, drawing inspiration from his love of sports and Alumnus Alex Gould’s (‘18) voice.

“GBN has the equipment and people, [and] … I had the drive, a fire in me to start this,” Rosenthal said. 

He cited Gould and broadcasting teacher Todd Rubin as mentors who helped him get the skills needed to pursue his dream of producing a podcast. 

“I had always walked past the broadcasting room at the end of the day, and [Gould] would be at the radio station,” said Rosenthal. “When I heard him speak, the way he talked and how into it he was, … he inspired me to get involved.”

Joe Berman, founder of “Pod to Pod,” a podcast industry newsletter, said in a phone interview that podcasts are distributed in an audio-based format. Podcasts have risen in prominence after media download stores, like iTunes, have offered podcasts to users.

“However, there [are] many people who market their video content as video podcasts through [web feeds],” said Berman. “It’s a powerful medium.”

According to Rosenthal, he tries to achieve a conversational approach in his work, engaging with Sztainberg with banter. Rosenthal prefers a more methodical approach to presenting, while Sztainberg likes impromptu speaking.

“I’m more of the guy who takes it very thorough [during broadcasting],” Rosenthal said. “[Sztainberg], day before, he’s able to pull it together and [record]. … It works, when we’re on air, we just have a fun time.”

Rosenthal said he sees podcasting as a stress-reliever and something “he lives for.”

“[Sztainberg and I] love producing [podcasts] because it just goes to show that when you put your mind into something, your heart into something, you can really achieve what you’re trying to get done.”

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Student podcasting starting in three, two …