Northbrook, Glencoe create season pass agreement

Resa Magill, News Editor

Last summer, senior Sarah Winter would sit in her lifeguard chair at Glencoe Beach scoping the water for someone she knew. She said while she was on her breaks, she barely saw anyone she knew from Glenbrook North.

However, this summer she thinks there will be a lot more students at the beach because of the new agreement between the Glencoe and Northbrook Park Districts.

According to Jammie Meyer, Lesiure Services Supervisor of the Northbrook Park District, Northbrook residents are now able to buy a beach season pass, referred to as a beach token, at the Glencoe resident rate of $75. The price last summer for Northbrook residents was $90.

Glencoe residents are also able to access the Northbrook public pools for a resident rate on the pool season pass.

“Basically we found that Glencoe Park District had a need for a pool,” said Meyer. “They wanted their residents to have swim lessons, be able to lap swim, and in turn we don’t have a beach. So, we kind of sat down and had this agreement to exchange services amongst our residents.”

Families enjoy the warm weather at Glencoe Beach on Mother’s Day. Northbrook residents can now buy beach tokens at Glencoe resident rates. Photo by Britni Berg.

According to David Johnson, facility manager at Glencoe Park district, this cooperation between the two townships could potentially bring more Northbrook families to the beach and allow them to use all of the beach’s facilities.

“[Glencoe Park District has] quite a few programs and quite a few things going on,” said Johnson. “You can purchase umbrella chairs, play volleyball … rent kayaks, skippers, and we have sailing classes.”

In addition to the rental services offered, Glencoe Beach is expanding the available swim area, according to Johnson. The beach will also be looking to hire five to 10 more lifeguards for the season to accommodate the added swimming space.

Meyer said that the Northbrook pools will also be looking to increase employment for this year.

“Hopefully the revenue at both park districts will increase, our swim lessons will increase, and everyone will be able to find a service that they enjoy,” said Meyer. “If swim lessons increase, there will definitely be more students hired, too.”

Winter said she believes it is very important for the beach to get the word out about the change in order to bring in more customers.

“[Last year] the beach was in debt a little bit, and they didn’t make a lot of money last summer because there [were] a lot of rainy days, so I think this will definitely help them sell more passes,” said Winter. “It’s smart of them to open it up to a town right next door.”

Johnson did not confirm or deny whether the beach was in debt last year and if the new arrangement is to bring in more money. He said the agreement was created to allow Northbrook and Glencoe residents to experience services at resident rates.

Passes have currently gone on sale and can be used Memorial Day through Labor Day for the summer of 2012. Beach tokens may be purchased at the Glencoe Park District on Green Bay Road.