Accident causes field house floor makeover

Matthew Rosen, Staff Writer

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According to Athletic Director John Catalano, over Thanksgiving break, one of the sweepers malfunctioned.

The malfunction resulted in burn marks across the entire surface of the floor, with the most significant damage appearing on the first two courts closest to the indoor entrance.

Catalano said he is “negotiating” with various insurance companies to determine if and how the school will replace either the entire floor or just the spots with significant damage.

“It wouldn’t take the entire summer, but having done these projects before, if it’s a six-week project, and that’s what this looks like, unfortunately they usually stretch into more time,” said Catalano. “Usually if they say six [weeks] it’s usually going to be eight [weeks].”

According to Catalano, the school’s goal is to have contractors work on the field house floor beginning the day after graduation. They want to complete the restoration before the 2016-17 school year begins.

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Accident causes field house floor makeover