Safe Zone posters promote diversity

Samantha Greenberg, Staff Writer

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Safe Zone posters were placed throughout the school by the staff after they were introduced to them at a faculty meeting prior to the start of school. Teachers were encouraged to put them up in their classrooms.

The posters include the words, “This space respects all aspects of people” and have rainbow lockers in the background. They are sponsored by the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, also known as the GSA.

The posters were put up in conjunction with “Spartans THINK” and “GBN Welcomes” signs as part of a larger school goal to respect and acknowledge that people all have differences, GSA sponsor Jamie Ellinger-Macon said.

Members of the GSA noticed other local schools, such as Glenbrook South, already had similar posters. Glenbrook North GSA members asked for GBN to have them as well.

The 2016-2017 All School Workshop played a role in the creation of these posters because it started the conversation about identity. The conversation is set to continue and evolve with this year’s All School Workshop, which is scheduled for Nov. 16, Ellinger-Macon said.

Junior Erin Rosenfeld said the posters are a nice gesture with an important message, but she does not feel they have a big enough impact on people because the posters are just pieces of paper.

“It has to be an individual effort, too, because … there is not really much you can do if the people who you are delivering the message to are not willing to listen,” Rosenfeld said.

Ellinger-Macon said the goal of the Safe Zone posters is to send a positive message to the school about being inclusive.

“We don’t care who you are,” said Ellinger-Macon. “GBN is safe for you, and you are entitled to learn.”

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