School to host first ever Explore Math Day

Danny Ogranovich, Page Editor

The Math Department plans to hold Explore Math Day, a celebration of the mathematical constant e, on Feb. 7, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 2:10 p.m. in the MRC. Several activities will be based on e, which begins with 2.718, as well as other concepts in math, according to math teacher Karen Fitzsimons. There will be 11 booths, each with their own math-based activity, some examples include Buzzer Number, Emoji Email and Pi Swatter.

Maria Vasilopoulos, who is the instructional supervisor for mathematics, said inspiration for Explore Math Day came from the introduction of pi-day two years ago, and the organization of this year’s event will be very similar.

“[It will have] a kind of a carnival sort of flair,” said Vasilopoulos. “There will be different booths with various activities for students to participate in.”

Fitzsimons said all activities will happen throughout the day, including an e memorization contest in which students can come in at any time during the scheduled event. The winning student will be publicized through the announcements and receive a prize that has yet to be determined.

Fitzsimons said she hopes students will be able to have fun while learning math.

“It would be nice if [students] just get a nugget of math coolness that [they] didn’t know before,” Fitzsimons said.