Students apply for PR internship

Lydia Stumme-Berg, Staff Writer

Scrolling through comments and collecting ample amounts of likes on the Glenbrook South Instagram account, GBS senior Miracle Joy Josaiah smiles to herself at the sight of many students reading her work.

Josaiah often finds herself documenting student life and activities as a public relations intern by attending school events, interviewing students and working with a Glenbrook North intern to keep District #225’s social media accounts active.

“One of my favorite parts [of being an intern] is being able to interview people and talk to them,” said Josaiah. “It is really cool just to get to know different people across different grades and to be able to interview and write stories about them to show the school the great things that they are doing.”

Josaiah said she feels that through this program, she was able to have unique experiences.

“I felt really proud when I was able to write up a story for our dance show, Orchesis,” said Josaiah. “I got to put up pictures on the district website and that was really awesome for me because I got to look through and see that it was up there and know that people are reading it.”

Tarah O’Connell, District #225 public relations and communications specialist, said in a phone interview that the department’s team of interns attends a wide range of activities to publicize events and feature students and staff in the district.

“Most of our students are on Instagram, so it is a good way to reach out to them and understand their interests rather than what we are hearing from adults on an everyday basis,” O’Connell said.

O’Connell said there are two interns, one from GBN and one from GBS, who are usually seniors and have 45 minutes of free time during the school day. The application process consists of filling out an online form and following up with an interview.

Josaiah said she believes there are many educational and personal benefits from becoming an intern.

“Students learn how to become independent and learn a lot of communication skills,” said Josaiah. You have to be able to talk to people, send emails, plan meetings and just feel comfortable around people. I also think that you get to improve your writing [through] press releases, which is a different style than just a five paragraph paper.”

Josaiah said she still feels a rush when her work is shared with the school.

  Every time I post on Instagram, I love being able to see comments that are there from students, parents and alumni,” said Josaiah. “It’s amazing to see how they appreciate the things that [the public relations team] does and how the community appreciates what Glenbrook South does.”