Leadership Council created to connect activities

Karina Belotserkovskiy, News Editor

GBN club leaders gather in the SAC and wait for the first Leadership Council meeting to begin. The organization was created to help leaders increase participation in school activities throughout the school. Photo by Richard Chu

Even though he is now the co-president of Drama/Theater Club, senior Joe Gertner almost decided not to join the club his freshman year. He felt that it was hard to get involved because it was out of his comfort zone and he perceived a lack of connection and communication between underclassmen and upperclassmen.

“I think [club leaders] need to establish a sense of equality, and rather than thinking of each club as their own community, we need to make sure the main idea is that we’re all part of the same community,” Gertner said.

Gertner, along with other club leaders, attended the first meeting of the Leadership Council on Sept. 11. The Leadership Council is a new organization that combines leaders from different clubs and activities to discuss ways to better promote their clubs and increase student involvement. A major goal of the council is to make sure every student, not just club leaders, feels they can contribute something to the overall community by being a part of student activities. The council was created by Student Activities Coordinator Danielle Fluegge, and all club leaders are strongly recommended to attend meetings.

Fluegge said in a phone interview that the council was the culmination of two years’ worth of discussion with Michael Tarjan, assistant principal of student activities, and other class board sponsors. They believed, in the past, student and faculty leaders of the school did not do the best job at making activities something students would want to be a part of.

“This is my baby, this leadership council,” said Fluegge. “I’m starting this because what I have seen and felt with our clubs is that we have so many great opportunities at [Glenbrook North], but they all work so separately.”

The first meeting focused on ways to increase student commitment to clubs and club promotion. Some ideas were “Bring a Friend Day” to boost awareness for clubs and “Partner Clubs,” or clubs partnering up to attend and promote each other’s events. Other steps taken at the meeting included plans to create a detailed, unified calendar and to redesign club social media.

Gertner said he believes the discussions at the first meeting would help leaders increase involvement within the school.

“We have more clubs now than ever,” said Gertner. “Because of that, it’s easier to be separated from the community vibe, since there are so many individual communities within GBN. We lost touch of that vibe. The loss has opened [club leaders’] eyes into making this place a community for all.”