Changes planned for food drive

Karina Belotserkovskiy, News Editor

The upcoming food drive is set to feature a new point system in which the points will no longer be counted by 2-3 class, but by grade level instead. The food drive is scheduled to begin with the first day of Pack the Truck on Nov. 10. The food donation period is set to occur from Nov. 12 to Nov. 16.

According to senior Gemma Abbott, a member of the community service committee, food will still be collected during every 2-3 block, but due to the new point system donors will have to mark their food with a color-coded sticker indicating their grade level. Food donation is expected to be shortened by a week to emphasize the need for participation.

Lucky Deutsch, SA Board vice president, said student board members have seen a large decline in participation throughout all grades. He believes changing the food drive to a competition between grade levels will encourage more students to become involved, due to more unity within grade levels than a block class.

Senior Grace Grouzard, a class board liaison, said she hopes the changes will have students see how rewarding donating to the food drive is.

“Believe it or not, there’s many kids around campus who depend on the food drive,” said Grouzard. “We want people to … do it for a good cause and … because many of our students need that.”