AP tests to be administered late May, early June


In an AP Calculus AB class, math teacher Scott Knapp teaches senior Ryan Smith and her class a lesson on integrals. AP tests for GBN students are scheduled to take place during Administrations 2 and 3. Photo by Natalie Sandlow

Audrey Gottschild and Rohan Mitra

AP tests for Glenbrook North students will be conducted during the College Board’s Administration 2 and Administration 3 windows. Administration 2, a combination of in-person paper tests and digital tests offered both at home and in person, is scheduled to take place from May 18 to May 28. Administration 3, comprised of mostly full-length digital tests, is scheduled to take place from June 1 to June 11. Students may take Administration 3 tests instead of the paper tests given during Administration 2, which is scheduled to be administered at home and in person.

Senior Ryan Smith said in a video conference that she was glad to learn two of her five AP tests would be conducted in person during Administration 2.

“[Administration 2] appeals to students who, like me, want to take their [tests] in person, but at the same time it’s ensuring safety, and we’re not … putting anyone in an uncomfortable situation,” Smith said. 

According to the College Board website, three testing windows have been scheduled for 2021 AP tests, allowing schools to decide when these tests will be held. Administration 1, consisting of in-person paper tests, is scheduled to take place from May 3 to May 17. 

Katie McKeown, GBN testing and accommodations coordinator, said in a phone interview that the expectation is for both in-person and remote students to take digital tests at home during Administration 2. 

If a student has concerns about an unstable internet connection or does not have an appropriate place to take the test, the student may take a digital test in person during Administration 2, McKeown said.

Ed Solis, associate principal for curriculum and instruction, said in a video conference that students with conflicting test times during Administration 2 or health and safety concerns can take digital tests at home or in person during Administration 3.

More information regarding AP tests can be found on the GBN website (gbn.glenbrook225.org/offices/student-services/testing-services).

 According to McKeown, many factors were considered when choosing which testing windows the school would administer tests during, including lost instructional time because of shortened, 80-minute blocks. 

The Administration 2 window provides additional time to prepare before the test dates, since AP tests are offered during the beginning of May for Administration 1, McKeown said.

“The other big component … was that the first administration window would be very difficult for us to administer within the building following all of the recommended social distancing guidelines,” McKeown said.

Math teacher Scott Knapp said in a video conference that the Administration 2 window provides his AP Calculus AB class with more time to review content together and build up a team atmosphere. 

“It will be a good month for us to bond and really work together and hopefully reach a common goal of having everybody be successful [on the exam],” Knapp said.

According to Smith, she is glad students can take tests both in person and at home because test taking in-person is stressful enough without additional safety concerns. 

“Overall, I can’t really complain too much.

“I think [GBN] addressed it as best as they could, trying to balance the needs of everyone,” Smith said.