Going the extra degree

Hailey Koretz, Executive Sports Editor

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In Torch, we use the saying, “212 it.” The saying comes from a video entitled “212° the extra degree” from InspireYourPeople.com. At 211 degrees, water is simply very hot. But at 212 degrees, it boils. There’s not much you can do with hot water besides make coffee. Once water boils, however, it is capable of doing so much more. Not only can it make SpongeBob macaroni and cheese (the real kind, not the Easy Mac kind), but boiling water produces steam, which opens up a whole new gate of possibilities including generating the energy necessary to power a train. That last degree makes all the difference.

During my four years in high school, I’ve learned how to “212” my life.

As a member of Torch, I go the extra distance to make my articles the best they can be, whether this means interviewing an extra source or attending another event. Last year, I spent hours making a graphic that included a collage of pictures. After deciding the coloring of the photos was slightly off, I took apart my graphic, fixed the photos and remade the graphic completely. I repeated this process three times until I thought it looked perfect. On the day that issue of Torch was published, I had a rush of pride seeing my graphic in print for the first time, looking as great as I knew it could.

After finishing an essay, the first thing anyone wants to do is turn it in and forget it ever happened. I’ve learned that spending a quick 30 minutes going over an important essay in the ARC can change my grade drastically, not just on the paper but also in the class. The short burst of effort, that extra degree, could make all the difference.

The concept of “212ing it” should be applied to all our lives in whatever way possible. Study an extra half hour for your final so you can get the grade you want. Work a little harder in practice so you can win your upcoming game. Invite someone new to sit with you at lunch so you can make a new friend.

One simple degree can change your life from being nothing more than hot water and coffee to boiling water and a world full of possibilities.

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Going the extra degree