Misled by memes

Jenna Lasky, Staff Writer

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“Jesus, take the wheel!” I hear someone shout as I jostle past people in the hallway on the way to my next class. I glance back quickly in confusion as hearty laughter ensues from down the hall. Since when did mocking prominent religious figures become so run-of-the-mill?

As I rush into class, lyrics from Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take the Wheel” vaguely flash through my head. Now, the line is more commonly known as one of the countless Jesus memes circulating the Internet. Yes, you read that correctly — Jesus memes. Type that into Google and expect to find roughly 18 million instant hits.

Traditionally, memes are known for making light of serious topics, but it is appalling that religion is so easily devalued by the creation of these seemingly harmless jokes.

For some people, religion is an essential part of life, and it is insensitive to disrespect that. Even if humor is acceptable to some, it certainly should not be offensive or inappropriate.

I know if I opened Instagram or Facebook, I would not want to see a meme of Hitler’s face with the caption, “I said glass of juice, not gas the Jews.”

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Misled by memes