Vacation or desertion

Isabel Vayser, Staff Writer

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We feel we must fill the voids.

Yet I forget that silence and boredom used to be simple. In a fast-paced society, a second of hesitation, even a breath of air, is discouraged as a waste of time.

We use gadgets and gizmos to stimulate our minds, diverting from the ever-so-dreadful possibility of an awkward silence or moment alone. Instead of teetering on the brink of boredom, we cloud our heads with distractions.

The notions of silence and boredom are blurred with negative connotations. But we forget that there is peace and calm in these fragments of time. Space for quiet thought and self-reflection.

So I wonder, does technology offer a temporary or permanent escape? In a world where we can shop from our couches and check our grades from bed, it seems convenience overrides our inborn social tendencies.

Of course we adapt, finding our moments of relaxation while scrolling through Instagram. But we forget how long a moment is meant to be. The expression “in the blink of an eye” turns into “in the like of a post,” and suddenly it’s been two hours wasted on Margherita pizzas filtered to perfection.

So I find myself nostalgic of a time I don’t know.

But don’t forget that you’re allowed to disengage and take a step back. Make a phone pile in the middle of your lunch table and have a genuine conversation. Look someone in the eye and make a connection. Live presently.

I admit, a 6-by-3 screen can be a useful tool and nice getaway, but when pleasure becomes addiction, it’s hard not to feel trapped. Though a break from life and routine can be well deserved, we often detach ourselves from reality. We take advantage of escape, fleeting by nature, and solely rely on distractions to lead us through life.  

We lose our ability to just be.

On the islands of our lives, this escape quickly turns from vacation into desertion. And it won’t be long before you have to scavenge for sustenance.

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Vacation or desertion