Hit snooze on beauty

Isabel Vayser, Staff Writer

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It’s 6:13 a.m., and I let go of my mascara wand as a realization strikes.

You see, I’ve fallen into a routine. Routines can be great for time and stress management, but they aren’t set in stone. It’s important to occasionally reassess our daily practices in order to improve. That morning, I reconsidered mine.

So I returned to bed with a bare face.

Why? Because I was tired. As high schoolers, we say “I’m tired” all the time, more habitually than truthfully. Yet, so many of us allocate time every morning to pull out our mascara wands, hair gels and razors to get ready. We sacrifice sleep for beauty. Then we complain that we’re tired.

Why not simply take the “getting ready” step out of our morning routines and catch up on our beauty sleep? The answer is not so simple.

When I’m in the right headspace, doing my hair and makeup is an activity I enjoy. I become invested in getting ready, often searching Pinterest for a look that best captures what I’m striving to achieve. I take this time to relax and listen to my favorite songs. And yes, when I’m done, I feel good about myself.

But most mornings, I’m tired. My mind is chaotically trying to organize my schedule through a sleepy haze. I don’t feel like going through my beauty routine, and frankly, I don’t have the time.

It’s difficult for men and women alike to take certain beauty steps out of our routines because they act as a creative outlet and confidence boost. But you should be no less confident or creative if you choose to skip your routine.

The next time your alarm rings, take a moment to decide what’s worth your time. If you feel like applying eyeshadow or spritzing on cologne, go for it. But if some extra rest sounds more appealing, snuggle up in your bed without letting go of your confidence.

In reality, people are too self-consumed, often by their own insecurities, to notice the imperfections you believe to be wildly obvious. They will notice confidence rather than beard stubble or frizzy hair.

Give your face and yourself a break.

I’m not suggesting you stop maintaining your personal appearance — I won’t. Beauty routines are often enjoyable and allow you to experiment with your look. But if you’re tired, don’t have time or just don’t feel like it, let go of your mascara wands, hair gels and razors, and hold onto your confidence.

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Hit snooze on beauty