Fear bees, not numbers

Brandon Mankoff, Sports Editor

As I reached the peak of a roller coaster, my breathing elevated. As bees swarmed my ankles on a scorching summer day, nausea overtook me. But when I was an underclassman, nothing gave me more fear and anxiety than the anticipation of a number such as a grade.

The constant agonizing thought of a number generated many insecurities in my life. What would my peers think of me with a low score? Would a college not consider me as a viable candidate if I got a C on my Spanish final? Constant speculation filled my brain.

Don’t get me wrong, numbers are important as they can reflect commitment and effort put forth toward academics and showcase some intelligence.

As an underclassman, however, these numbers took a toll on my health as I was very stressed and lost a lot of sleep. But as a senior now, I have gained more perspective and have realized how foolish I have been to think that a number carries so much weight for success in the future.

A number is important. But it doesn’t define you. A person’s character is a lot more complex than a simple score. Your personality, attitude, work ethic, integrity and values are the underlying roots to what makes a person that much more successful.

Bees are terrifying. Numbers shouldn’t be.