The Grinch of the holiday season

Natalie Sandlow, Staff Writer

As soon as the last piece of candy is handed out on Halloween, people race to their basements and attics to bring out their holiday decorations. Once set up, the lights are blinding, the music is deafening and it’s like the whole world has been wrapped into one giant gift to put under the neatly decorated Christmas tree.

But it’s only November.

I’ve never felt the need to participate in the overly commercialized and overrated holiday celebrations two months in advance. Why is every other traditional holiday a week or less, yet the winter festivities extend throughout all of November and December? And although it may make me seem like the Grinch, I don’t get what’s so special about the obnoxious decorations, the peppy carolers and the cheesy holiday Netflix original movies that are constantly shoved in your face.

The holidays are supposed to be a short, special celebration packed full of family time. I don’t see the point in needing to cover our houses with fake reindeer or create fantasies about a fat man sliding down our chimneys. The inflatable snowmen and life-size nutcrackers we place on our lawns become even more overwhelming and unnecessary the earlier they are put up. Each moment that we obsess over creating the perfect appearance of winter can instead be spent creating lasting memories with family and friends.