Editorial: Show up to save school spirit


If Sparty packed away his school spirit instead of going to events after school, Spartan pride would die. Students should attend virtual performances and activities to support peers and show school spirit. Graphic by Theresa Lee

You’re making your way to the Main Gym from class. You try to stay near your friends as you navigate the crowded hallways. The noise from the gym — a mix of cheers and music — seeps out into the hall. You reach the bleachers and suddenly become a tile in a green and gold mosaic. The bottom bleachers on the south side of the gym erupt in a boisterous cheer of “Seniors, seniors!”

Now, the usual hallmarks of Glenbrook North school spirit are gone. The halls are empty, the gym is silent and the only mosaic students are part of is a Zoom screen. It’s simply not safe to celebrate our Spartan spirit in the traditional way. 

Instead, we have to show our Spartan pride by being present for our classmates.

Just because we are living through a pandemic doesn’t mean our school spirit should be on adaptive pause. It’s critical now more than ever to show up (virtually) for our peers.

Attending school events such as plays, concerts and Student Association activities shows support for our peers who are involved in them, and purchasing tickets to events provides the funds some activities need to continue functioning.

Showing up for events can also foster a sense of community, a rarity in a time when isolation is the norm.

Just a few clicks on your computer could mean the world to the students who worked to create that event.

We are all too familiar with Zoom fatigue. After a day of E-Learning, it’s tempting to shut the computer and hide from the blue light. But these events are not like class — attending these performances or activities is an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy fine arts and other student-organized events in an extremely accessible way. 

Read your email, watch the announcements and check the calendar for events. If you don’t know which events to go to, start by attending the ones your friends or family are involved in — not only are you supporting GBN, but you’re also showing those people you care. Even though we can’t have the thrill of assemblies or the glamour of live shows right now, our spirit should not be lost.

We have to show up for each other.