Intramurals pose unique opportunity

Feeling fall football? Loving laid-back lacrosse? Bustling before basketball? The intramural program is here to meet every need.

According to Justin Georgacakis, director of intramural sports, the intramural program gives students an opportunity to try sports they are interested in, regardless of their skill, availability level or access to equipment.

Intramural sports heavily depend on student interest. Intramural sports that have ran in the past will continue if students remain interested, and students can set up a meeting with Georgacakis to discuss initiating a new intramural by emailing

Sports such as Ping-Pong, Quidditch and skiing have been part of the program in past years. Lacrosse coaches Gregory Luke and Trevor Synek worked with sophomore Reed Troutman and two of his friends to start the fishing intramural this year. During the fall, the fishing intramural met once a week, alternating between going fishing and holding informational meetings about tying knots and different fishing techniques. They are currently meeting intermittently and plan on resuming going out to fish in the spring, weather permitting.

According to Troutman, students who do not have fishing equipment can borrow equipment from him and his friends. Georgacakis also helped provide equipment.

In the fall there was a combined football and lacrosse intramural that met on Wednesdays. Students typically played football for the first half and finished with speed lacrosse, three v. three on a smaller field.

Running during the winter season, the intramural basketball league has been going on for many years. Students form teams and play once a week in the regular season against other teams within the school. The final two teams play in the main gym for a championship game, after a single-elimination tournament.

According to senior Jacob Brodson, he participated in the combined football and lacrosse intramural this year and plans to participate in intramural basketball again, after having played his sophomore year.

“I think, in general, intramural sports are kind of an unknown thing at [Glenbrook North].

“I’ve had an absolute blast spending time in these intramural programs, and I would encourage everybody to seek out one of these opportunities,” Brodson said.