GBN players lead GBS field hockey in state

Despite calling the Glenbrook South fields home, three girls sporting blue and gold are underclassmen at Glenbrook North.

Sophomore Madison Beach and freshman Reese Anetsberger helped lead the GBS team to a fourth place state finish this year.

“No one thought that GBS was a team that would end up at state because in past years, we haven’t done so well,” Beach said.

The team finished the regular season with a record of 16-3, the best in program history.

GBS lost to New Trier in the state semifinals. Beach and Anetsberger earned All-State honors, and made the first and second All-State team, respectively.

Anetsberger led the team in goals, netting 32 of the team’s 116 goals. Beach scored 28 goals with 20 assists, making her the leading point scorer, a metric calculated by multiplying the amount of goals scored by two and adding assists.

The team’s focus on simple play and conditioning contributed to their success this season, Tom Rosenbaum, GBS varsity field hockey coach said in a video conference.

“We play our brand and impose our will,” said Rosenbaum. “We pass to places instead of people, and when we’re on defense, we force the opposing team to make passes, and then we take control of that pass.

“Running up and down a 100-yard field for 60 minutes, you have to be in good shape and pretty well conditioned,” Rosenbaum said.

This is the second year that GBN students have been allowed to play on the GBS team. Freshman Carly Pufpaf joined Beach and Anetsberger as the third GBN student on varsity this year.

“If you saw kids on the field, you wouldn’t know who the kids were from South and you wouldn’t know who the kids were from North,” said Rosenbaum. “[The team is] a really great combination of everything.”

Even with 10 graduating seniors from GBS, the team looks strong for the future. Beach, Anetsberger and Pufpaf are impressive players, and incoming freshmen from GBN and a strong GBS junior varsity roster will add to next year’s team, Rosenbaum said.

According to Anetsberger, she was proud that she was able to help bring the team to a strong finish, especially as a freshman.

“GBS has never made it that far in field hockey ever, so to be able to contribute to that accomplishment is truly amazing,” Anetsberger said.