Freshman ‘Ninja’ tackles new obstacle

Jessica Katz and Zoe Bendoff, Executive Copy Editor and Staff Writer

December 7, 2018

Legs trembling and heart racing, freshman Ann Slivken prepared to take on an obstacle course that would test her agility, strength and balance. Months of training combined with years of climbing experience would be put to the test in the moments to follow. Ann put all nerves aside as the competition began, racing...

Student composes organization to popularize classical music

Isabel Vayser, Opinions Editor

November 2, 2018

Growing up hearing her sister and grandmother play the violin, freshman Kelly Kim developed a passion for classical music. At 4 years old, she became a violinist herself. Though it would sometimes be difficult to concentrate on details while practicing, Kim learned ...

Entrepreneur grows passion into business

Zoe Bendoff, Staff Writer

November 2, 2018

On weekends from early spring to mid-fall, junior Jake Fields sets out at around 9 a.m. with his lawn mower and landscaping supplies packed in the back of an SUV. He usually returns home around 4 p.m. after tending to the lawns of his five regular clients. “My gran...

Science teacher takes physics abroad

Micha Gachpar, Features Editor

September 28, 2018

Five teachers from the United States are chosen each year to attend a three-week research program in Geneva, Switzerland. After being denied from the program the previous summer, physics teacher Tony Valsamis was offered the chance to take part in this unique oppo...

Student performs at sandwich shop

Matthew Chupack, Features Editor

September 28, 2018

Even as a toddler, junior Quinn Cassell took an interest in music through unconventional household items. “Before Quinn could talk, he used to walk around the house and sit down in front of the cold air return grates, … and he would strum them,” sai...

Student adorns wall to bring joy

Anya Eydelman and Zoe Bendoff, Page Editor and Staff Writer

May 24, 2018

After comparing the spacious and beautifully renovated classrooms to her AP Psychology classroom, room C202, senior Rachel Patris recognized that a change could be made. This room was home to a wall whose peeling paint was h...

Freshman earns coding position

Ellie Pazol, Staff Writer

April 20, 2018

The minutes on the clock sped by as freshman Jack Klebba’s hands flew across the keyboard while his eyes searched for an error amid slashes, dots and phrases. He believed a single mistake would mean losing his chance to work for one of the world’s top game devel...

Lawmaker handles changes in gun legislation

Micha Gachpar, Editor-at-Large

April 20, 2018

Brad Schneider, representative for the 10th Congressional District of Illinois, was elected to office in 2012 and began his term in 2013, directly following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After this tragedy,...

Driven student builds 1981 Camaro

Maddie Harris, Staff Writer

April 20, 2018

Decked out in arm-length gloves and a protective mask, junior Ben Lopez hesitantly began to weld his car, after beginning to build the car about a month before. He said he found welding frightening because he had to anx...

Gun violence tragedy sparks student action

Matthew Chupack, Staff Writer

April 20, 2018

Sophomore Campbell Sharpe said she was in second grade when her classmate’s relative was murdered by a shooter on his way to a grocery store. Sharpe said that she previously viewed this classmate as a troublemaker, but this...

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