Horseback riders pursue unique sport despite risks

Olga Archakov, Chloe Carroll, Lifestyle Editor, Page Editor

November 4, 2016

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     Guiding a 1000-pound animal is a normal occurrence for senior Sydney Burdick.      “I’ve broken my arm, I had a pretty big fall on my neck, I’ve been kicked before, I’ve been bitten before many times, but ... Read more »

Senior on track to finish high school as 16-season athlete

Hope Mailing, Sports Editor

September 30, 2016

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For most high school students, summer may be a time to travel or relax. For senior Luke Amen, summer is a frenzy of football, basketball and track to prepare for his four seasons of competition in the upcoming school year. Ame... Read more »

Underclassmen on varsity brings debate

David Greenberg, Sports Editor

June 1, 2016

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When senior Sam Wetzel, who was moved up to the varsity lacrosse team as a sophomore, sat in the health classroom last year preparing for the upcoming lacrosse season, Justin Georgacakis, boys lacrosse head coach, told his team he envisioned them making it to the State Championship. A... Read more »

Simon gives up lifelong passion for volleyball

Evan Goldberg, Staff Writer

April 15, 2016

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When Chris Cooper, boys volleyball head coach, saw senior Jonathan Simon during volleyball summer camps, he knew he had to convince Simon to play for Glenbrook North. “There [are] not too many people that have the natural jump... Read more »

Intramural pingpong serves unique opportunity

Brandon Mankoff, Staff Writer

April 15, 2016

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For sophomore Matthew Eng and about 15 other students, the cafeteria is not only a place to eat lunch. Every Monday, students meet there after school to play intramural pingpong. “It’s fun because I have only ever played [pingpong] maybe a few times a y... Read more »