The Torch newspaper strives to uphold the mission statement of Glenbrook North High School in the creation of a student newspaper. The GBN mission statement reads as follows:

“Glenbrook North High School is a learning community dedicated to students and committed to quality of thought, word and deed.”

The journalists of Torch strive to honor GBN with a newspaper of truth, objectivity and accuracy.

Torch is published by the newspaper classes of Glenbrook North High School. Content is determined entirely by the staff and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Glenbrook North High School’s faculty, administration or student body. Torch is a public forum. Unsigned editorials reflect the majority opinion of the editorial board, consisting of the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and executive section editors. Signed letters to the editor and columns reflect the views of the writer. The paper is distributed to students and staff.

Advertising information can be obtained by calling the Torch office at Glenbrook North High School at (847) 509-2478.

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