Reading books for leisure is becoming a lost art among teens. Students should replace some of the time spent on their phones with time reading. Graphic by Theresa Lee

To all the books I’ve read before

Theresa Lee, Opinions Editor
November 20, 2020
Hateful opinions that attack the experiences, identities and rights of others can not be respected or tolerated. Maintaining friendships with peers who make discriminatory comments encourages their unacceptable behavior. Graphic by Baeyoung Yoo

I can’t respect your opinion

Morissa Lambert, Sports Editor
November 20, 2020
Students are often hesitant to unmute during online classes because of the perceived increase in attention from classmates. Teachers should randomly call on students in order to facilitate participation. 
Graphic by Mariel Mudrik

Appreciate the E-Learning efforts

Haley Sandlow, Executive Opinions Editor
October 9, 2020

My quarantine routine

Theresa Lee, Staff Writer
June 3, 2020

Don’t forget the vulnerable

Carly Uhlig and Molly Parker
June 1, 2020

Getting the stories

Alexandra Chertok, Executive Opinions Editor
June 1, 2020

Why I killed my babies

Sophie Sperber, Managing Editor
June 1, 2020

Worth the hype?

Megan Fahrney, Executive Sports Editor
June 1, 2020
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