GBN Goes Global: Gap Years

Lauren Sulkowski, Features Editor

May 22, 2014

As seniors scramble to find their roommates and gather belongings for  their dorms, senior Rebecca Imhoff is packing her bags to go to Hawaii. Next year, she plans to go to Hawaii and work on an organic farm. Imhoff’s work on the farm will be in exchange for free food and housing. According to college co...

Attacking the tension: Meditation

Rachel Lee, Features Editor

December 13, 2013

According to freshman Sabrina Baxamusa, there are many benefits of lying down on the floor of psychology teacher Robin Walker’s classroom. As the coach of the girls varsity swim team, Walker leads Baxamusa and her teammates in a type of meditation called visu...

Attacking the tension: Laughter Yoga

Taylor Shuman, Features Editor

December 13, 2013

While watching his mom participate in Laughter Yoga, senior Rob Klein always thought it was the “absolute silliest thing.” However, after undergoing a long surgery procedure during his sophomore year, Laughter Yoga helped Klein change his attitude. “I’m much more open and play...

Attacking the tension: Acupuncture

Caroline Rabin, Lifestyle Editor

December 13, 2013

Having multiple needles stuck into her body would be more stressful than a final exam, or so thought sophomore Leah Sternberg when her older sister first suggested that acupuncture would help strengthen her immune system. Yet with some coaxing, she agreed to give acupuncture a try. ...

Hidden disorders

Maddy Placik and Caroline Rabin, Executive Lifestyle Editor and Page Editor

April 12, 2013

Anxiety In early September, senior Jessica Rubin was diagnosed with panic disorder, a type of anxiety, after having a series of panic attacks. According to psychologist Joel Carnazzo, despite popular belief, almost everyone ...

Not what they APpear

Allie Gross, Kim Hill, Jessica Hoffen, Executive Opinions Editor, Copy Editor, Executive Features Editor

March 1, 2013

Curious about the validity of granting college credit to students for scores on Advanced Placement (AP) exams, Dartmouth College’s Department of Psychology decided to give the Psychology 1 final exam to incoming freshman who s...

Spartan sounds

Spartan sounds

January 25, 2013

The woes of wealth

Daniel Dexter and Zach Zilber, Sports Editor and Executive Sports Editor

December 7, 2012

Suniya Luthar, professor of psychology at Columbia University, could not believe what she stumbled upon. In the 90’s, Luthar began studying the correlation between substance abuse and impoverished children. What she ultimately...

Glenbrook North goes green

Sarah Cruz and Annie Fogel, Features Editors

October 26, 2012

                              Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The words are short, but they mean so much more. Emil...

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