Editorial: Summers are for the students

March 1, 2019

At the sound of each year’s final bell, students burst out the doors into summer break, during which they can devote time to activities outside of academics. As the longest break of the year, summertime allows students to escape the grind of studying for stressful tests and c...

We need a resolution revolution

Alexandra Chertok, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

It’s February, and that means about 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions have failed, according to US News and World Report. This statistic may seem surprising at first, but, like many things in life, it is simple physics. According...

Fourth grade censorship scandal

Sarah Boeke, Staff Writer

February 1, 2019

Awkwardly tall, prepubescent me stood on the edge of the playground gripping the sweaty hands of my two best friends after hearing what was surely the most devastating news of my life. My heart dropped from my chest to my feet, resting beside the fringed bottoms of my bedazzled-pocket jeans. My grade school princi...

Can we please sleep in more?

Nora Smith, Executive Opinions Editor

February 1, 2019

The rumors are true: the school board has been considering a later start time for Glenbrook North to match Glenbrook South’s. I don’t think I’m alone when I say I could use a little more time to sleep. With GBN’s start time of 7:40 a.m., most students trudge into the building looking like sleep-d...

You’re never too safe

Carly Uhlig, Lifestyle Editor

February 1, 2019

While placing  my bag in my car  after school one day,  I glanced through the sealed window of a nearby car and, to my absolute shock, saw riches. Multiple $20 bills were scattered on the passenger seat. My curiosity got ...

Editorial: Poor spirit starves food drive

February 1, 2019

Our participation in the food drive was abysmal and a clear warning of future student body failures. The staff placed first and the freshmen second, while the seniors — who run the food drive — finished in last place. Quite frankly, it was a pitiful showing in a...

Honestly, the real holiday is after Valentine’s Day

Amy Glazer, Graphics Staff

February 1, 2019


Pursuit of a positive perspective

Ellie Prober, Executive Editor-at-Large

February 1, 2019

Armed with a rifle, a sword and a flag, I ventured to Michigan in pursuit of a near impossible dream. My arms were spilling over with luggage, and I repeated a mantra in my head: “Expect the worst, hope for the best.” After joining Color Guard at the beginning of my f...

A letter from everyone at the bottom

Sophie Sperber, Opinions Editor

January 17, 2019

Dear people at the top, You have been graced with power. Crowned with the authority of decision-making. Placed at center stage with the spotlight only on you. Starter of every game. Smartest in the class. Congratulat...

Serving up some sweet humor

Nora Smith, Executive Opinions Editor

January 17, 2019

Kept hidden inside the refrigerator under aluminum foil and a dish towel, no one knew what we were planning to serve for Thanksgiving dessert in 2009. My brothers and I had baked with our babysitter, Judi, during Thanksgivi...

Ignorance is not bliss

December 7, 2018

Tragedy is becoming normal in our lives. With media coverage ranging from local hate crimes to international terrorism, it seems we cannot avoid hearing or seeing news stories displaying acts of inhumanity. But as we see more and more headlines describing violence, we are...

Plumber wanted for leak repair

November 2, 2018

For years, access to the publications room was strictly limited to Torch and Laconian staff. Our computers and valuables were protected and our story ideas kept from the hallways until publication. Since the keypad is the only lock on the do...

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