Olympian embarks on field hockey club

Samrah Abbasi, Editor-at-Large

Katie Beach, owner and director of Windy City Field Hockey, is an Olympian and former Division I head coach for field hockey at Colombia University. She joined the U.S. Women’s National Field Hockey team and competed in global tournaments like the Olympic Games. From competing in Australia, Tokyo and South Africa to coaching in Bermuda and New York, she ended up in Northbrook, where she took over Windy City Field Hockey.

For the past five years, Beach has pushed for field hockey to become a sport at Glenbrook North.

“I was disappointed Glenbrook North did not have a field hockey team,” said Beach. “I don’t want [players] to not have the opportunity to play just because [field hockey] has given me so much in my life.

“I thought maybe there is another kid who can have a memorable experience.” 

As a rising freshman, Lindsey Hochberg, who played at Windy City Field Hockey, said she was disappointed that GBN did not have a field hockey program, so she reached out to Beach for help.

  The field hockey club started on Sept. 9 and will continue on Mondays from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in the baseball outfield and Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the stadium. The last practice is planning to be held on Oct. 7.

Carie Radford, English teacher and club sponsor, said students can email her to join or just show up at the designated location.

Beach has donated field hockey sticks to the club, but members will need to bring their own mouth guards. All girls are welcome to join the field hockey club and no payment is necessary.

“Being part of a team is such a valuable experience in so many aspects of any kid’s future, so hopefully, as we continue to get more interest, we give kids an opportunity to be a part of something at GBN,” Beach said.