Sophomore travels abroad to pursue baseball education


Photo by Maya Fridman

Last January, after a semester at Puerto Rico Baseball Academy and High School, also known as PRBAHS, sophomore Kevin Geake moved back home to Northbrook along with his twin brother and mother.

“There weren’t as many American kids there, I’d say like 30 percent spoke English,” said Geake. “[My brother and I] had two friends who spoke English fluently, but that was about it.”

At PRBAHS, Geake said he had little homework and six total classes because he spent the majority of the time furthering his baseball training.

“You would basically play baseball for three and a half hours, then you would eat and have lunch, then you would have school for three hours,” Geake said.

PRBAHS has produced MLB players in the past, including Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa and Chicago Cubs catcher Victor Caratini. Geake said he was initially drawn to the school because of its large history of professional players.

Being at the school gives Geake and his brother something special about them so scouts can keep their eyes out, Geake said.

Geake said he grew as a baseball player while at PRBAHS, however he and his family experienced difficulties living in Puerto Rico. Many teachers only spoke Spanish, meaning tests and worksheets needed to be translated to English to provide Geake with appropriate material. Geake’s mom had to drive four total hours per day on narrow, unpaved roads to get him and his brother to and from school.

Earthquakes in Puerto Rico led the Geakes to move back to Northbrook, Geake said. Their main concerns were losing power and being stuck in their home in Puerto Rico with no electric generator.

When the Geakes returned to Northbrook for winter break last year, they stayed two extra weeks to avoid the earthquakes.

“[PRBAHS] was too close to the epicenter,” said Geake. “We were concerned that the school building might not withstand a large earthquake.”