Facing the facts of skin care

As a dancer who frequently sweats and uses hairspray, junior Julia Wise often struggles with breakouts near her hairline. 

“I try and wash my face every night,” said Wise. “I just use products that I know my skin is OK with.”

According to board-certified dermatologist Sheryl Hoyer, people want to feel good about themselves, and taking care of the skin can help boost their self-esteem. 

“It’s important to try to feel the best about your skin [and] your self image so you can concentrate on other things,” Hoyer said. 

According to Wise, she gets self-conscious when she breaks out.

“I have learned that it’s OK, and it happens to everyone,” Wise said.

Each teenanger is different, so skin care varies for everyone.

“[Some teenagers] have more oily skin, some have more dry skin, so it really depends on what your issue is and what skin type drives that treatment,” said Dr. Sharon Albers, professor and director of Pediatric Dermatology at the University of South Florida. 

Cleansers with ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can help treat acne, one of the most common skin problems for teenagers.

To prevent skin cancers and other skin issues later in life, teens should use sun protection year-round.

“I have people coming in at 20 or 22 saying, ‘The texture of my skin just isn’t as nice, it’s not as even,’” said Hoyer. “So [these issues are] all from sun damage.”

It is important to start taking care of the skin when young because habits start early. 

“Skin care is definitely somethingthat you should develop good habits around,” said Albers. “You want to prevent your skin from aging and developing age spots and wrinkling.”

According to Wise, she takes care of her skin so it can be clear and healthy when she is older. 

“It did take a while to find [a skin-care routine], and I’m still learning today,” Wise said.