Sophomore gives back through education

Since seventh grade, sophomore Sahithi Medikondla has taught over 70 students from countries around the world through a nonprofit organization called Junior Medical Academy, also known as JMA. 

“Giving [learning opportunities] to other students while teaching something that I am passionate about is the perfect thing for me,” said Medikondla. “JMA is somewhere I feel like I’m making an impact, which I really do value.” 

After hearing JMA’s mission statement, Medikondla wanted to help with the organization’s mission of providing free education to all students. Volunteers from the organization educate teenagers from countries around the world, including Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some JMA students live in India, which is a place Medikondla feels personally connected to because she lived in India between second and third grade.

“I wanted to teach because I firmly believe that everyone should get the opportunity to have that moment, the one where you find what you’re meant to do,” said Medikondla. “I teach because I can, because I was given the opportunity to do so in an area I’m immensely passionate about.”

Medikondla teaches her students about medical biotechnology, which involves topics like molecular biology, organ engineering and CRISPR.

“Teaching Junior Medical Academy is an opportunity that I really appreciate getting,” said Medikondla. “It’s a very educational experience, and it allows me to also learn from the kids that I teach.”