Your dreams

Students were asked to share memorable dreams. Quotes below were edited for length and clarity.


This girl I really don’t like was walking with my friends and me at a fair. I got so sick of her that I turned to her and said, “No one likes you,” and I punched her in the face. 

 – Sophomore Sam Katz 


Before I woke up from surgery, I dreamed that I already woke up and my mom was in my room. I was opening my phone to text messages from my friends asking how the procedure went. Then, when I actually woke up, everything from my dream happened.

– Junior Yasmeen Taha 


I was in math class and forgot to finish my homework, which sometimes isn’t abnormal, but I usually get it done before I show up. I was completely unprepared in the dream, and I thought, “What am I going to do?” I was scared something bad would happen, and I fell from my tall chair. 

– Sophomore Kady Serlin 


My recurring dream, since I was four or five years old, starts with me on the moon, and eventually gravity makes me fall off. I fall to Earth and feel like I’m skydiving. When I’m about to hit the ground, I wake up confused and feeling like I had a nightmare. A couple of months or years later, the same dream happens. 

– Junior Ben Melnick