Top 5 ideas for activities to try in quarantine

Quarantine has lasted for over a month, and by now, many of you have been struck by boredom. Below are five strategies to get you out of bed.

  1. Maintain physical health: Nagging reminders from your parents to exercise are not very encouraging, but there are more appealing and specific activities to get you up and moving. Take a walk, ride a bike or go on a jog on a trail nearby while still maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet Grab a family member or pet, pick a town nearby and walk a half (13.1 miles) or full marathon (26.2 miles). Undertake yoga or meditation: there are many tutorials and videos online that can lead you through a full routine. Headspace is a free app that can be used for meditation. More information about meditation using Headspace can be found on the Torch website (
  2. Practice self-care: Changing up your style and daily routines in creative ways can relieve repetition. Learn a new way to style your hair. This could mean straightening, curling or braiding long hair or parting short hair a different way and using gel. Give your family a fashion show by finding your fanciest clothes and accessories and a runway. You can also find how to make a safe face mask specific to your skin type online to create your own at-home facial. 
  3. Find creative outlets: Trying new creative activities can make your day more enjoyable and will fill up your time. Do a “paint by numbers,” an easier method to paint beautiful artwork even if you are not an artist. If you do not have one on hand, you can make your own. You can also try your hand at making a scrapbook by downloading the Free Prints app for free which can be used to print pictures for the scrapbook. The app can also make a picture book for you. You can also start a journal or write a letter to your future self so you can look back on this time when it is over. If you prefer working with visuals, make a highlights video of your past year to relive the most enjoyable memories. Update your room to fit your latest aesthetic by adding a photo collage on your wall or a set of LED lights wrapped around your room. Refresh your wardrobe by bleaching or tie-dyeing clothes.
  4. Eggsperiment in cooking: Try some fun at-home projects by expanding your culinary skill set with new foods. For example, homemade pasta is really fun and easy; a basic pasta recipe takes only eggs and flour. Or, try a quick online search for a dish from your favorite restaurant to recreate, as dining-in at restaurants is no longer an option. If you want to add some competition, face off with your family in an ultimate bake-off, using any ingredients you have on hand.
  5. Exercise your brain: Take this opportunity to strengthen your mind in fun ways. Get ahead in post-secondary education plans research whether you are beginning or continuing the process. Learn a new language: one way is through Duolingo, a free language-learning app. Read a book digitally through Hoopla, a free app, Project Gutenburg, a library of over 60,000 free eBooks, or online through the Northbrook Public Library. More information about Project Gutenburg can be found on the Project Gutenburg website ( More information about Northbrook Public library can be found on the Northbrook Public Library website (  You can also safely set up a book exchange with some friends to discover other interesting books that they have enjoyed. Try taking on a 1,000 piece puzzle or a new sudoku book to challenge yourself in a fun way while taking a break from E-learning.