Facing off for the most laughs


During their first Comedy Sportz rehearsal as a team, sophomores Caroline Kirkpatrick and Charlotte Fomin, as well as seniors Ben Earle and Jayden Cohen (clockwise from top left), play an improvised comedy game called Grand Theft Auto. The show is scheduled to open on November 18 at 7 p.m. Photo by Alex Garibashvily

The first team rehearsal for Comedy Sportz, an improvisational comedy show, started off with a game of Grand Theft Auto. Under the spotlights of the drama room, four team members pretended to be lions obsessed with hair products while driving in a car. After their time ran out, the group leaped out of their seats and a new team filled their spots to act out a new scene with a new prompt.

Comedy Sportz involves two teams, red and blue, which compete against each other throughout the show to win points. The audience grants points to both teams through the “applause-o-meter,” which gauges how much the audience applauds for each scene.

According to junior Ryan Kreiter, “The show would not happen without the audience.

“[The audience’s] input changes the way the show turns out every night,” Kreiter said.

According to production director Julie Ann Hill, audiences love the show because it is a new experience every night.

“The students are using their wits and their collaboration skills on the spot to make something up that will be viewed only one time and will never happen again that way, and that’s what makes it so exciting and so refreshing.

“You can’t re-tell [improvisation] and have it be funny,” said Hill. “You have to be there.”

Kreiter returns to Comedy Sportz as a team captain this year after performing in the 2019 Comedy Sportz show as a team member.

“I was thrilled,” said Kreiter. “I was also quite humbled and honored that I get to do it again.

“I really wanted to do it one more time and play the games one more time, have those experiences one more time, have those laughs one more time.”

There are four total performances taking place in the CPA. The scheduled showtime for Nov. 18 and Nov. 19 is 7 p.m., and the scheduled showtimes for Nov. 20 are 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased at showtix4u.com for $8. Students with an activity pass can get one free ticket to one performance of Comedy Sportz.