Triathlon camp takes first strides this summer

Brooke Falk, Staff Writer

Students complete the three components of a triathlon: running, swimming and biking. Students will have the opportunity to refine their triathlon skills this summer in the Triathlon Club. Photos by Sarah Boeke and Sophie Sperber

The Triathlon Club, a new summer camp sponsored by science teacher Bryan Musolf, is expected to aid students in training to participate in triathlons. Training is set to focus on the three components of the race: running, biking and swimming. Once a month over the summer, students will have the opportunity to compete in a triathlon hosted by the camp.

The camp is scheduled to start on June 17, with weekly practices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at a tentative time before noon. Members will meet primarily at Glenbrook North but will also use Northbrook public pools and local bike trails.

Near the end of May, the camp plans to hold an informational meeting for students and parents. There will be a fee for camp participation that also covers the cost for a Triathlon Club T-shirt. 

Junior Tim St. John, a runner who said he helped Musolf create the camp, enjoys the swimming and biking aspects of triathlons. He has completed two P.E. triathlons through GBN.

“The variety of physical exertion is just a lot of fun, and I know other kids have expressed that same interest that I’ve had,” St. John said.

According to Musolf,practices are intended to be very flexible because there is no attendance requirement, and the camp is not meant to be an additional stressor for students over the summer. Students of any skill level can participate.

“We can all kind of help each other, so you don’t have to come in with any experience besides maybe how to ride a bike,” Musolf said. 

According to St. John, if students enjoyed participating in the P.E. triathlon and are interested in improving their times, they should give the triathlon camp a shot this summer.

“There’s really no need to stress about where your performance is right now, and everyone is interested in learning and growing so you don’t need to feel like you’re behind,” St. John said.