Radio students to host 10-hour radiothon


During her radio show on March 10, sophomore Katelyn Plasky (right) hosts freshman Amalya Walny as a guest. Radio students have prepared for WGBK Radiothon, which is scheduled to take place on April 22. Photo by Alex Garibashvily.

Along with other radio broadcasting students, junior Dylan Fields took his communication skills out of the studio and into the community where he interacted with local business owners last month in an attempt to fundraise for the annual WGBK Radiothon. 

Radiothon is a 10-hour radio fundraising event hosted by radio students. Beginning at 9:30 p.m., Fermata Nowhere and Ow! are scheduled to each perform one song. Radio students plan to draw winners from a raffle for prizes, play requested songs and air commercials for businesses that donate.

  “I think going in and actually talking to all these business owners and just seeing how generous they are, that’s definitely the best part,” Fields said.

WGBK staff plans to donate all proceeds to the Lou Malnati Cancer Research Foundation, which donates to other organizations including Lurie Children’s Hospital for cancer research. This is the first year WGBK staff have donated to the Lou Malnati Cancer Research Foundation. Previously, the radiothon funds have gone to organizations such as the Cure it on the Court Foundation and the Emily Dorfman Foundation. 

“Our hope is that maybe partnering with a nationally known brand will allow us to [raise] more money,” broadcasting teacher Justin Weiner said.

The fundraising goal this year is $10,000, Weiner said. 

Students can donate by buying raffle tickets for $1 each. Anyone who buys a ticket can request one song for each ticket purchased.

Prizes include a certificate for one free Dairy Queen Blizzard per week at the Northbrook location for one year, Blackhawks tickets, Chicago Cubs tickets and a signed jersey by 2021-2022 Super Bowl champion Leonard Floyd, Weiner said. 

According to senior Tommy Van Treeck, a radio broadcasting student, each requested song is put into a playlist, and people who requested a song have their names mentioned before their suggested song is played.

Radiothon is scheduled to take place on April 22 from 2 p.m. to midnight, broadcasted on theWGBK radio station and livestreamed on the Glenbrook North Broadcasting website( 

Each WGBK staff member or director must attend at least one hour of the radiothon with two or more people hosting at a time, Weiner said. 

According to Fields, students should make sure to tune in.

“I think that kids will just see how easy it is to donate and how beneficial it is,” said Fields.“And also when you donate, it puts you in a good mindset and just brightens your whole week and month.”