New P.E. class for next year

Sports Performance, a new P.E. class, is intended to replace Strength Training and Conditioning II beginning in the 2023-2024 school year. 

“We’ll have workouts put together by strength coaches and the teachers’ input on what’s best for those kids, and we’ll probably ask the kids …what they’re interested in doing: putting on size, putting on weight, putting on strength,” said Bob Pieper, instructional supervisor for the P.E., Health and Driver Education Department. “’What is it that you’re looking for?’ and we’ll help design those workouts.”

According to Justin Georgacakis, head boys lacrosse coach, the class is intended to make training more efficient for student-athletes.

“It used to be a really big proponent as a coach that [athletes] should be here early and stay here late, but as we transitioned through the pandemic, we started to ask, ‘Can we get our work done during those hours of school?’” Georgacakis said.

The class was designed with athletes’ needs in mind,but any student can take it with a recommendation from a varsity coach or after taking two total semesters of Strength Training and Conditioning I or II.