Embrace the winter wonderland

Sarah Boeke, Opinions Editor

    Take a ride in my car any day after Oct. 1 and expect to hear holiday music blasting on full volume. From the lights hanging in my room to the gingerbread cookies baking in my oven, it’s clear that when winter rolls around, I respond with an enthusiasm most people don’t expect.

I can see how the winter holiday season may seem too long, too overbearing and too in-your-face to some people. I admit that the snowmen, Santa and Christmas trees can somewhat lose their luster come New Year’s.

       Still, I accept the fact that the holidays and their lights, songs and spirit are not going away anytime soon. If one goes through every winter focusing only on the overwhelming presence of the holidays, the season will be ruined before it even begins.

I choose to embrace those overly commercialized aspects of the holiday, viewing them as a fundamental part of my winter season.

      So, enter the holiday season with an open mind. See the beauty of the twinkling lights that top Christmas trees and home exteriors throughout your neighborhood. Choose to see the holiday imagery as a part of the magic of the winter season, a way of bringing people together and creating warmth in what could otherwise be a cold, harsh winter.