Editorial: Adopting the optimistic mindset


During lunch, students play corn hole outside in the student mall. Students should take advantage of opportunities to engage in activities and events to elevate school mindset. Photo by Alex Garibashvily

Lunchtime is too short. There’s too much student traffic during passing periods. Parking spots are difficult to find.

At any given time or place, students find reasons to complain.

If students were to look beyond these daily inconveniences, they would recognize that such complaints are trivial. With a reoriented attitude students can take their focus off the negative aspects of school and find activities and events to enjoy.

Being back in school does not just mean another nine months of homework and exams. This time allows for new connections to form within the Spartan community. Go cheer on friends and classmates at sporting events. Deck out in spirit wear on Green and Gold Fridays and other dress-up days. Get to know the kid sitting behind you in math class.

Students should continue to take advantage of the student mall being open throughout the school day, which allows them to take off their masks and enjoy fresh air when the weather permits.

As upperclassmen head out to open lunch, some may be pressured by the time crunch to get back to school on time and reclaim a parking spot. However, the Glen, Willow Festival and Plaza del Prado are all less than three miles away from Glenbrook North and each have a variety of lunch options. Some other student favorites are Taco Tuesday at La Taquiza, $2 pizza from Costco and seasonal items at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

There are so many ways for students to have worthwhile high school experiences. Focus on bringing positivity into school each day by noticing, appreciating and taking advantage of opportunities regained since the pandemic. Each individual’s optimistic attitude will elevate student mindset and create a more positive environment.