New athletic training staff changes the game

Peter Bazianos, Sports Editor

Assistant Athletic Trainer Humaira Baig helps junior Regina Ong on Friday, Oct. 18. Baig started working at GBN in July 2019. Photo by Sophie Sperber.

In an unfamiliar school with an unfamiliar set of keys and an unfamiliar golf cart she could not get to work, Athletic Trainer Humaira Baig spent her first day of July getting accustomed to her new workplace, the Glenbrook North athletic facilities.

Baig and Assistant Athletic Trainer Stephanie Trybul are the two new members of the athletic training staff. Baig’s physical therapy experience includes work with cheerleaders for Athletico Physical Therapy and athletic training at Rolling Meadows High School. While initially hesitant to change schools and come to GBN, Baig said she is now very happy to be working here.

“I was kind of outgrowing my old job,” said Baig. “I just didn’t think that I was getting challenged enough or that it was really right for me anymore, so I decided to just try to apply and see what I might want to do, and [the job at GBN] opened up at the right time for me.

Mike Austin, head athletic trainer at Rolling Meadows High School, said in a phone interview that Baig’s caring personality is missed at Rolling Meadows. Austin believes that Baig will bring care and compassion to her work at GBN.

Trybul, prior to working at GBN, worked with student athletes at multiple high schools and universities, including Northern Illinois University. According to Trybul, her job is not different at GBN, but the community makes GBN special. Trybul said it seems as though everybody at GBN is willing to reach out to her, which she had not noticed at other schools.

Everybody’s willing to just say, at least, ‘Hello’ in the hallway if not shake your hand and introduce themselves, which is really nice [and] very welcoming,” Trybul said.

This year’s training staff also includes Head Athletic Trainer Ryan Moran, a returning trainer serving his first year in the head position. As head athletic trainer, Moran said he plans on working with Baig and Trybul to implement changes to the athletic training system. Moran also said he has already seen changes in the athletes visiting the training room.

“I honestly feel like [the athletes are] liking being in here a lot more than they were used to, so getting them healthy and getting them back onto the playing field has been easy for us,” Moran said.

Junior Faith Geake, who visits the training room regularly, said she has noticed positive changes take place with the new staff in charge.

It’s just a younger energy and younger people,” Geake said.

In Trybul’s eyes, transitioning to GBN has been an enjoyable experience, and she is looking forward to the future.

“It’s nice to know that the kids here are great, that the coaches here are great,” said Trybul. “[More than half of] the battle is the people you work with when it comes to job, and I’d say I found a great place.”