Boys bowling starts 11-1

The boys bowling team is 11-1 with a conference record of 8-1 as of Dec. 8.

Each 10-frame game won in a dual match is worth two points, with three games played total. The team that bowls the highest total score over the three 10-frame games gets three points.

Junior Kai Nitzschke bowled 274 pins on Dec. 5 against Libertyville, his highest score of the season as of Dec. 12.

“We have a very deep team, anyone can put up high scores,” said senior Jake Battaglia. “We just missed [state] by a little bit last year, so I feel like we can make it this year.”

The team must place in the top four at regionals scheduled for Jan. 14 to move on to sectionals. The team then must be in the top six at sectionals scheduled for Jan. 21 to move on to state.

The team placed second out of 22 teams in its first tournament of the season, the “Spartan Eliminator,” during which sophomore Josh Sachs averaged 217 pins over six, 10-frame games played, head coach Todd Rubin said.

According to Sachs, the team’s attitude is what has led to good performances.

“Our mentality is a massive part of the game,” said Sachs. “Pumping each other up [increases] our scores a bunch.”