Girls soccer

The girls soccer team has a record of 12-3-1 with a conference record of 3-2 as of May 10.

The team won 2-0 in a game against Glenbrook South on April 25. 

A goal scored by senior Rachel Leiter from a rebound off the post opened the scoring, senior Nayia Sellas said.

“As soon as the first goal happened, we knew we could win the game,” Sellas said.

In the second half, a goal by freshman Caitlyn Panek assisted by junior Sarah Denk made the game 2-0.

Panek has contributed significantly in key moments, like her goal against Warren to end in a tie, head coach Anthony Valsamis said.

“A tie is not a win, but it’s significantly better than having lost a game to a team that probably should have won,” Valsamis said.

Junior Ella Panek leads the team in scoring with 8 goals, and senior Rachel Leiter leads the team in assists with 6 assists as of May 10. 

After several top scorers graduated last year, the team had to figure out a new way to be dynamic in the attack, senior Addison Cha said.

“I think as the season has progressed, we’ve gotten to know each other’s playing styles, even coming from a lot of different [club teams],” Cha said.