Invitation to our intramurals

Megan Fahrney, Executive Sports Editor

I ripped off my volleyball knee pads in the Northbrook Junior High locker room only to quickly replace them with shin guards. I was roaring with energy, ready to race from one sport to another. Dance, soccer, basketball, volleyball — I participated in them all. I was busy, but I loved the variety. 

Then I got to high school. I felt pressured to specialize in just one or two sports in order to not fall behind others who were participating in club sports and off-season training. I know many other athletes encounter this pressure as well. I now regret not sticking with the sports I dropped. 

In order to pursue a variety of interests, more students should opt for intramural sports here at Glenbrook North. But students seem to overlook intramurals because the programs haven’t gained momentum in the culture of our school.

Intramural sports provide an opportunity for variety for athletes focused on one or two sports competitively at GBN, but they are also great for any student, regardless of ability, who wants to try something new. In addition, intramurals are good alternatives for those who were cut from competitive high school sports. 

The intramurals offered change every year due to interest levels from students. This year, there is intramural spikeball, field hockey, basketball, ping pong, paddle tennis and fishing

As students, we should increase our level of participation in existing intramurals, but we should also show we’re interested in adding more intramural sports to what GBN already has to offer. If the sport you’re interested in isn’t offered, gather a group and go to the administration to see if it can be. Intramural soccer and volleyball would be great additions to what is already available. 

There are some logistical issues that could arise with a growing number of intramurals. For example, gym space could be difficult to get. If gym space wasn’t available in the winter, we could arrange for indoor intramurals to be played in the fall or spring at night, when the gym space is easier to get. 

Before high school, I dropped dance, basketball and volleyball in order to focus on soccer and running. Looking back, I regret not having continued these sports recreationally in high school. 

If we improve intramurals at GBN, future athletes interested in many sports — or those just looking to try something new — will have a variety of fun, dynamic programs available to choose from.